In my final year of University, studying Creative Writing, I had been forced to write so many pieces in a certain way, for so long… I hated writing. The one thing I’d loved since I was a child, the one thing that brought me peace and a purpose. I decided I had to do something for myself, take back my love for expressing myself through words. So I decided to start a blog.

Welcome to gemmalynsey.com

I am 22, just graduated and out in the big world for the first time *spoiler* it sucks. Nothing in my life ever goes to plan, I have the worst luck in the world but I tell myself it builds character and will be a good anecdote one day.

I’ve realised working a 9-5 job that a 9-5 life is not for me. If you can keep your spirits up on the treadmill that is 9-5 life, living for the weekend but spending Sunday sad because it’s almost Monday then you’re a champ and I really take my hat off to you. I’m going to need to do something a bit more exciting with my life and so, I’m trying to write a novel. It takes discipline and patience which are characteristics I lack but I truly believe that everyone has similar dreams in life and the thing that separates the dreamers from the doers is the work you have to put in. I’ve always felt like I’ve had something to say, despite my atrocious grammar, and I’ve always been complimented on my narrative.

I will put my whole heart and more into everything, I cannot like something I have to love it. I was that kid that ate, slept and breathed High School Musical and then Justin Bieber. I’ve looked up to Selena Gomez since I was about 11 and she’s really pulled me through some hard times in my life. She continues to inspire me especially since she’s spoken out about her Lupus diagnosis, as I also have an auto-immune condition and the thought of having an incurable disease for the rest of my life sometimes makes me not want to get out of bed in the morning.

I’ve been through a lot in my life and I’m naturally very private and a bit awkward which makes storytelling difficult but I’m working on it as I do have some pretty good, sad and inspiring stories to tell, like the time I got verbally attacked by a man in London when I was 9 and have been scarred by it ever since or the time I walked in on my lecturer mid-pee. I also think of very strange questions at very strange times and I’m awful in a crisis.

Between snippets of my life, you’ll find beauty and lifestyle content. I also like to shop so you’ll find lots of gift-guides and hauls on here too. I’m a total Primark enthusiast and probably spend more time in there than half of the staff.

If you’re still reading this far, well done- I hope you’re entertained! I really appreciate you taking the time to have a nosey around my blog. If you’d like to come back, you can sign up for email alerts or follow me on my social which are all linked for you.