Bootea Fruity Detox Review | June 2018

Bootea is a 14 day tea detox which promises to flush your body of toxins and speed up your metabolism, leaving you feeling healthy and a bit leaner. I know not to expect miracles as it’s only tea and I’m a firm believer you will only loose weight if you eat less and move more. It was on offer in Superdrug two weeks before I went on holiday so I gave it a go.

For background, my diet is pretty good. My diet is excellent through the week and less so at the weekend. I’m not making any major changes but I’m conscious to reduce the sweet treats. By the end of the teatox, I’d like to have lost 2kg and feel a bit brighter and healthier.

Fruity Teatox (£19.99)

In the box you get 14 daytime teas which you should consume first thing and 7 bedtime teas for alternate nights.

The daytime tea, Sunshine Berry, is a hibiscus tea blend with berry flavouring. As for taste, I have no complaints. It tastes like a standard herbal fruity tea so if you like them, you’ll find this perfectly pleasant.

The bedtime tea is a Honey & Almond Rooibos tea which contains natural laxative. The taste is okay, a bit sweet for me, reminds me of a Cherry Bakewell, drinkable nonetheless.


Day 4

I am dissapointed. I feel worse than I did before I started this, I feel heavy and bloated. I’m also over 1kg heavier than I started and I’m a bit disheartened. I don’t feel any healthier but the how I feel about my body is having an effect on my mood.

Day 7

I feel a little better than I did at the start of the week. The tea doesn’t appear to make me feel any different from drinking any other fruity, herbal tea.

Day 10

With less than a week till I fly, i’ve been reducing my calories and feel a bit better. I’m starting to get sick of the tea, I love normal tea so substituting my morning cup and every second night time is getting boring. I just can’t wait until it’s over.

Day 14

I am so glad it’s over, by the end I was ready to pack it in. I never want to taste another Bootea in my life.

How Do I Feel Now?

I did loose about 2/2.5 kg but I don’t credit this to the tea, i’ve been reducing my calories and been really strict with myself. I think the teatox is a bit of a fad, I don’t feel any healthier and haven’t noticed any changes in how I feel.

I’m glad I tried it because I was always intrigued, but it’s a no from me.