How I Motivate Myself & Get Things Done | April 2018

They say if you really want something, you’ll work hard enough and make it happen. In theory, I love this. Why can you not make your dreams a reality? Working on personal goals can be difficult particularly when you’re juggling with work or university/ college plus trying to maintain a family & social life and get eight hours sleep per night.

I work full-time, I’m also studying and blogging and I’m planning my first novel. If I’ve learned anything in the past year, you can always put it off to ‘tomorrow’ but the reality is, any tomorrow is as good as today. Don’t kid yourself on with what you want to achieve.

It is so easy to come home from work and watch Netflix until I go to bed. Sometimes I do and that’s perfectly okay. I’m doing better this year, so here is some tips on how I motivate myself & get things done.

Make Your Space

It doesn’t matter if you have a whole room or just a corner. Work on making the space somewhere you can be productive. I was lucky, when my brother moved out, I turned his bedroom into an office/ living space for myself. Sometimes I love laying in bed with my laptop but my desk in my office space is where I go when I mean business. It also means I don’t feel guilty when I’m lying in bed and end up on Asos.

It can be hard to be productive at home because there is always something else that needs doing. Giving yourself your own productivity space means you can separate your working time from your relaxing time.

Surround Yourself with Motivation 

Similar to my first point, decorate your space with things that inspire and motivate you. I love a good quote. Anything that is about working hard, believing in yourself and being a girl – I’m sold. Stationary, pins, notebooks, prints, mugs – if it says girl power on it then I’ll buy it.

Girl Power Feat Image

Primark is a winner for this, as is TK Maxx or if you want something not on the high-street, I recommend They sell prints, cards, homeware, stationary and have newly launched enamel pins. There is actually a competition going on right now where you can win your own set on enamel pins so if you want to be in with a chance, you can enter here.


Homeware is one of my favourite things to buy (i’m such a grown-up!), I love creating positive and inspiring spaces. Plus if you go to all that effort, how could you not get busy in it?


My second favourite thing to buy. Treat yourself to beautiful stationery, use planners and diaries and colour code things, buy sticky notes and list pads. A big part of managing your productivity is managing your time and stationery helps me do this.

I recently invested in a Kate Spade Notebook, I don’t know what I’m going to put in it, but it’s going to be epic.

My favourite places to stationery shop are Wilko, Primark, TK Maxx, Paperchase and Etsy. Whether your goal is to blog more often or write a book or create a product, someone will have the perfect notebook for you.

Manage Your Time

I do firmly believe hard work is what separates the people who want to do and the people who do. Nothing worth having comes easy so you have to accept you will have to give up a lot of your free time. Find out what works for you, a schedule works for me. I like to organise my tasks and allocate the time to complete.

Twice a week, I try to do an hour of writing. I try to get a blog post out once a week and if I’m studying at the weekend, I make sure I’m done by 4pm. My reasoning being, 4pm is still one hour earlier than the time I’d get in from work. If I relax and watch Netflix from 4pm on a Sunday, I still feel like I’m winning because it’s longer than I’d get on a weekday.

*Please note I am being compensated for featuring Old English Company in this post. This is no way affects my decision to feature the brand or my opinion of their products, I would recommend to my readers regardless.