Sweets Subscription Box Review | April 2018

I love the concept of subscription services, food, make-up, skincare, it doesn’t matter. I appreciate it’s not really great value for money but I enjoy receiving mail and I enjoy surprises. A sweet subscription box directly appeals to me because I probably wouldn’t go out and buy sweets, but when I take the notion they’re nice to have. There’s something just nice about receiving sweets in the post. I googled “sweets subscription box” and came across Treats Direct. I signed up and awaited my first box.

A week after receiving my first box I got an email to say my account had been charged in error for multiple boxes. They refunded my account but sent me the boxes anyway so I thought it would give me a good chance to get a feel for the service and give my opinion.

The Box

For £3.99 per box, you receive four packs of sweets delivered to an address of your choice. The sweets range from hard boiled, chocolate, fizzy, mallow and more. There are hundreds of sweets available, both retro and modern. You can have the boxes as little or often as you like.

What I Liked…

Get ready to re-discover your childhood tuck-shop dreams! I’ve fallen back in love with some sweets I had totally forgotten about. Mainly Millions, those chocolate ice cream cones and the rhubarb and custard squishy sweets.

I like the portions aren’t too big, perfect snacking portions or car sweets. Most of those sweets aren’t available in small portions elsewhere as they are generally tuck-shop sweets.

Anything I didn’t like?

I couldn’t find an option to discard sweets I knew I didn’t like. Other snack subscription boxes I’ve tried have this and it’s helpful for dietary requirements as well as preferences.

You can do this once you’ve received the sweet but I know I don’t like at least three of the sweets available, I’d be so disappointed if I was unlucky enough to receive all three in one box.


I think this is a great concept for myself and would be a really thoughtful gift for someone else. Imagine sweeties just falling through your door!

Personally, I wouldn’t order it every week because I wouldn’t eat that amount of sweets in a week. I’d order this every second week or monthly and Treats Direct gives you the flexibility with your deliveries.

I love re-discovering my childhood favourites in the perfect portion size, there are so many sweets I love. I’m going to eat my way through all of these, then order another box!



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