How to Travel with Hand Luggage | April 2018

Until January, I had never traveled with only hand luggage. Now I’ve done it, I would recommend it to everyone. If you can, it saves you time, money and you just need to know how to pack. If you’re still skeptical, here are my tips on how to travel with hand luggage.

Take What You Need

If you’re going away for five days, you don’t need twelve pairs of underwear. I understand the feeling of having to be prepared but unless you’re going to the middle of nowhere, there will be shops if you do have any disasters. Limit where you can. Try an minimise jewellery/hair products. If you are going with another girl, one take the straighteners and the other the hair dryer.

Plan In Advance

The best way to ensure you take only what you need, is to plan in advance. Plan your outfits, well in advance and try to co-ordinate them as best as you can. For example, when I went to Berlin in January I took 2 pairs of black jeans. One pair I intended on wearing and another incase they got dirty. I made sure all my tops matched my jeans and that matched my jacket.

Limit The Shoes

If you’re going for a city break, take only the pair on your feet. Make sure they’re comfortable and match your outfits. If it’s a beach holiday, you have more room for a second pair and flip flops. Shoes take up a lot of room so minimise as much as you can.


The only down side of not having checked-in luggage is your limitations with toiletries. My advice, take the hit. To check in a bag, it’s about £30 each way- buying sun cream and face wash costs less than that. Some people prefer to wait and buy at their destination, I personally prefer to buy it at the Gate. Glasgow Airport has a Boots, I the prices aren’t much different from the shop.

Pack Your Case Properly

Don’t throw everything in your case ten minutes before you leave for the airport, take your time and pack your case properly. You need to make the most of the limited space you have so fold your clothes as small as possible. I always recommend putting the majority of your clothes in the top part of your case.

Assess What You’re Buying

I find it so easy to go spend-happy on Holiday because I somehow have it in my head, I can’t take Euros home. I end up accumulating so much rubbish I didn’t need. In Berlin, I made the conscious effort not to buy rubbish, or things I could buy at home. My excuse being, I didn’t have any room to take it home. I ended up saving so much money and I now have a little stash of Euros for my next trip!

You can now (hopefully) shed time off your journey, you don’t need to wait at luggage carousels or worry about your case not making it on the plane.   If you want to read more about traveling light, particularly in the winter then this post may also be helpful.