Story Time – It’s Funny How Some Things Work Out | March 2018

I’ve never really been a believer in “everything happens for a reason”. While the thought is a nice one, when a lot of bad things happen it can be hard to believe it’s for some greater good. However, this month I had that “it’s funny how some things work out” moment and I wanted to share the story.

8th August 2017

Fresh out of University, I had been working in my first full-time job for about seven weeks. The job was 10 month contract which I took as a buffer, to buy me some time and experience. The job itself was okay, the three-hour round-trip commute was not, but I worked in a nice office with nice people. More importantly, I felt settled after years of constant anxiety and panic.

I had a one-to-one, progress meeting with my boss. While I was getting on great in the job, I felt she didn’t quite know how to take me as I was a bit quieter than some of the other people in the office. She told me how great I was getting on and then said “I have some news”. I don’t know what I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting her to say “We don’t have enough work for you, I’m giving you notice and your last day will be the 1st September.” As someone who thrives on stability and routine and someone who has been financially independent since I was 16, my world came crashing down.

The Weeks After…

I desperately applied for jobs I didn’t even want, panicked by having no money or gaps in my CV. I still didn’t know what I wanted to do but getting a job was more important than a job I wanted. At work, I felt isolated, tainted almost, no one in the office mentioned it but everyone knew.

The day before I was due to finish, I was offered a two-week extension. As I hadn’t found anything yet, I agreed. For the next few weeks, there was an obvious pattern. I’d be extended two weeks then asked the day before I was due to finish, to stay.

This happened until mid-November, my spirits were so low. It was like the elephant in the room, people felt sorry for me. My manager didn’t know how to manage the situation so just didn’t say anything. Going into work was exhausting, I didn’t want to be there.

It was around this time, I discovered that infact, someone else wastaking my job. As her return dates kept changing, so did my end date. They had my at the edge of the door, ready to push when she appeared.

In the background, I’d been for an interview with a public-sector body. For a job much closer to home, with much better career prospects and much better benefits. I secured that job two days before I was due to finish.


I started my new job the first week in December and I am so happy there. I’m learning so much. I work in a fast-paced environment where I’m encouraged to thrive develop and I’m well supported by those around me.

I saw my old work recruiting for a Recruitment Advisor (my job) on LinkedIn so I asked my friend who was leaving… you guessed it. The woman who I was pushed out the door for, is now leaving. Now, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to them after how I was treated (this was merely the tip of the iceberg).

If you’d told me in August, that what happened was going to be for the best, I’d have cried in your face. I learned a lot about how strong I was. I had the opportunity to never go back but I didn’t, I stuck it out. I’m now in a much better job with much better prospects and they’re a body down.

I’m still not sure I believe that everything happens for a reason, but it’s funny how things work out some times.