Lee Stafford LoCo CoCo Straightening Hot Brush Review | March 2018

Around this time last year, I reviewed the Lee Stafford Loco Coco Hair Curler. I love the curler, it’s gentle on my hair and keeps my curls in for days. Another product I’ve been wanting to buy is a straightening hot brush, I think they seem to handy for everyday use. Being a fan of the brand, I bought this product on Amazon for £29.99. Here is my review of the Lee Stafford LoCo CoCo Straightening Hot Brush.

 The Appearance

If you were picking a product on appearance, you’d likely pick this one. Like the rest of the Loco Coco range, the base colour is rose-gorl with pink and copper detailing.

Loco Coco?

Your hair is ensured to be silky and nourished as a result of the coconut oil infused bristles. The brush claims to heal your hair where as other brushes would result in heat damage. This is definitely a selling point and to my knowledge, Lee Stafford is the only brand that has infused styling products.


The brush is easy to use and there is a digital screen to tell you the temperature. The brush heats up to 230 degrees. It claims to heat up to its maximum in 30 seconds. I felt it took much longer, at least a minute but I didn’t time it to be honest. Maybe because it was new, it took longer.

It also has a 60 minute switch off which is a great safety feature although I always make sure my electrical appliances are off before I leave the house, it’s comforting knowing it will switch itself off if you forget.

My Thoughts… 

I found this okay but honestly a bit gimmicky. I would never consider my hair to be thin but I felt like my hair was too thin to get the benefit from this product. The bristles are solid which I wasn’t expecting, it’s not the most comfortable to use. I also didn’t find it to save me time in the morning, my straighteners heat up faster and work much better.

Would I Recommend?

As much as I love the Loco Coco Curling Wand, I am not impressed with the Straightening Brush. Despite it’s marketing, I’d say this is tailored towards people with long, thick hair that takes a long time to straighten. Personally, I won’t be using it again. It didn’t save me any time and the negatives outweigh the benefits.