Essence : First Impressions | February 2018

One of the quieter budget make-up brands out there. Essence is a brand I’ve only seen in Wilko. The range is budget friendly and while it somewhat reminds me of Miss Sporty, I had heard good things about this brand so I decided to try a few things out.

Camouflage 2in1 Make Up and Concealer

Foundation is one of my favourite products to try, there is something so satisfying about a good base. I usually wear full-to-camoflage coverage, at £3.80 this is a big difference from what I’m used to paying.

The foundation goes on surprisingly well, its easy to work with and blends pretty well due to its silky consistency. It did spread a bit thin on oilier parts of my skin. It sat well all day and was comfortable to wear. I’d describe it as full, breathable coverage but it’s not camouflage. This product has found it’s way into my make-up bag for everyday wear.

I’d compare this product to Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in terms of consistency and durability. It wasn’t as great on oilier parts of my skin so I’d recommend this for dry/normal skin types.

Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer

This concealer, again has a lovely consistency similar to the foundation. At only £2.50, it acts like a much more expensive concealer. It’s creamy, light and really easy to work with. I use this for covering uneven skin-tone and blemishes. I really like this for no-Foundation days, it’s comfortable and it conceals.

For under my eyes, I don’t love it as much as Collection Lasting Perfection but for the rest of my skin, I prefer these shades. I find Collection concealers are very pinky based and this is more of a nude which suits my skin tone better.

Satin Touch Blush

This may be the least expensive blush I’ve ever bought, it was only £1! I picked this up in the shade Satin Coral. It’s not too pigmented which I like, it’s easy to achieve a more subtle colour.

If you’re looking for a subtle colour, then I recommend this. If you’re looking for a stronger colour then this maybe isn’t for you. I found if you tried to build up the colour, it can go a bit chalky.

Overall Thoughts

I’m pretty impressed with this range. The foundation and concealer have become a bit of a favourite for work and the blush has it’s purpose (although I’m blinded by my love affair with the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Peonies Please Illuminating Powder right now). For everyday wear, not trying to hard and the goal is look naturally pretty, it’s a winner.

If you want to check out the range, here is the link, I’ve also found it in all Wilko stores I’ve been in.