One of my goals for this year was to stop indulgently splurging and save more money. Suddenly I have bills to pay, things to save for. Whilst I’m making more money than I ever have before (still not a lot), money suddenly isn’t disposable.

I’ve learned how to save money and re-evaluate what I actually need, want and kick spending when bored. I hope this post gives you an insight into how I save money and we can all have a richer 2018.

Manage Your Money 

Write everything down, boring but effective. I have a diary where I write what is coming out my Bank account on which date. This allows me to manage where my money is, what I need and how much disposable I have per month.

Do You Really Need It? 

Lose the mindset that you need to treat yourself all the time. I bought a new primer yesterday because I ran out, today I found myself wandering around Superdrug looking for another. I told myself I really didn’t need another and left. It feels like everyone is constantly spending and everyone has the latest products but that’s not really the case. I’d also rather have money in my bank than 10 primers in my drawer.

Love It or Loose It

I do buy a lot of clothes, I love shopping and I don’t splurge on clothes so I find myself buying all the time. At Uni, I used to be so good at selling my clothes if I didn’t wear them for a few months. Any cash is profit, it clears your space and you’ll get more wear out of the things you actually want to wear.

If you’re looking to sell on eBay but need some tips, I wrote a post about successful selling.

Save It Wherever You Can

Do you really need the 3 Screens Ultra HD Netflix package? Despite using Netflix on multiple devices, I only watch on one device at a time. I dropped to the middle package to see if I noticed the difference in HD and I didn’t. I’m now on the cheapest package and that’s £3 a month I’m saving.

I’m taking that attitude with my Sim Only deal also and will be changing to a less expensive plan. Every little helps.

It’s Only A Bargain If You Would’ve Bought It Full Price

Somewhere will always have a sale but you end up buying things you don’t need and didn’t want. I’m trying to ask myself, “would I buy it at full price?” before I hand over my money.

Plan Ahead 

I used to work in the city so the shops were always there, cue boredom lunchtime spending. The odd card here, a present there. Write down all your birthdays for the year, your budget and plan ahead so you can be savvy with your spend. Buy presents in the sales or when they’re on offer. You’re more organised in general and  getting more for your money.

Manage Your Time 

If I’m making plans, it normally ends up at the shops. I go to Tesco and buy things I don’t need out of boredom. I’m trying to plan my week-nights better so I’m not looking for something to do. Reading, cleaning my room or watching something on TV.

Stay Offline

Online shopping. It’s revolutionary and it’s wonderful but also dangerous. Sometimes I find myself online shopping without even realising. Then they hit you with discounts and free delivery so you feel like you have to. Then it’s the odd thing on Amazon or eBay, which all adds up.

If you are online shopping, make sure you are getting the very most for your money. I wrote a post about making the most out of online shopping.

Prepare For The Day

When you’re going somewhere, take a bottle of water and a snack in your bag. When you a drink, you’re at least £1, the same for a snack (more if you want a healthy snack). If you spend £2 Monday-Friday, that’s £10 a week. Try and think of what your day will entail and plan accordingly.

Pick Your Coin and Save It

Self explanatory, I’ve stopped spending £1 coints and started putting them into a bank to save. When I last checked, I had £134. I haven’t missed that money at all. £1 or 50p coins are the best ones because they’re common so your savings rack up quick!


If you have found any great ways to save money, please let me know in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed this post and it has been helpful for you.