The Ordinary Coverage Foundation Review | January 2018

The Ordinary seemed to appear from nowhere but with its minimalistic packaging and low price tag grabbed the attention of beauty enthusiasts everywhere.

I tried The Ordinary moisturiser last year in a beauty subscription box and I absolutely loved it but by that point Cult Beauty etc didn’t stock it. It’s one of the most sought after brands and it seems like whenever I have money to spend, i’m stuck on waitlists for it. I did manage to pick this up around Black Friday and it’s fair to say not everyone gets on with this foundation however at just over £5 for 30ml, I had to give it a try.

The Ordinary.

There are two foundations, a Coverage Foundation and a Serum Foundation. I tried the Coverage Foundation which is for a fuller coverage.

There are so many shades in the range, picking a colour could be difficult but Cult Beauty had a really helpful guide when choosing my colour, I went for 1.1P which is for fair skin with pink undertones. I think this colour matched my skin tone pretty well and despite looking quite dark on my arm, it sat lovely on my skin and the colour is excellent.

The foundation comes in a plastic bottle with a pump. The head of the pump locks which I really like because the only way it can spill is if you leave the pump unlocked so if you take your foundation in a make-up bag out with you, it won’t spill and ruin your bag.

Does It Work?

For a full coverage foundation, it’s not thick when it comes out of the bottle and it applies really well. It’s easy to blend, it doesn’t cling to creases and there isn’t an obvious difference where you have applied the foundation against your own skin.

In terms of coverage, it’s a good coverage, not the fullest i’ve ever had but it’s buildable while maintaining it’s comfort. If you were full coverage foundations a lot, you’ll know a lot of them are really thick and not the most comfortable to wear. This feels like you’re wearing a tinted moisturiser no matter how much of it you have on.

I did find it really sticky unless I set it with a pressed powder but once it was on, it was absolutely great and is so comfortable to wear all day.

The problem with this product is the durability. I did find while it went on so smooth and sat so well on the skin, two hours later it was breaking up and getting a bit cakey on parts of my face. I think to get on well with this product you need to have the smoothest of bases as it was around drier parts of my skin and breakouts that the make-up didn’t last.

Final Opinion?

I think you need to have exceptionally good skin to get the best out of this foundation, or an exceptional primer. With a smooth base, it’s a great product and great value for money. It’s not as reliable as my other foundations but I’m going to continue using before if I decide if I would re-purchase or not.


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