My Hello World Live Experience | October 2017

Hello World Live, a new event that was supposed to change the way Creators could interact with their fans, has come under more criticism than any Creator event that I can remember. While i’m writing this, it’s Monday night, I was there on Saturday. At 22 years old, i’m still not over the disappointment of it all and I need to share my experience with someone.

I was concerned that seating tickets were going to be a let down but i’m not sure my concerns could prepare me for how much of a let down it actually was. Not that I feel like I have to justify, why I didn’t get standing tickets but I will. We bought our tickets the first day they were on sale, June 29th. All we had been told about the event was, it was a four hour, immersive live show and there was three ticket options: VIP, Standing or Seating. Standing for 4 hours seemed really hard going, particularly as my friend has a bad back and we knew we’d want to be at the front the whole time. So we agreed, we’d get seated tickets.

Once we got our tickets, we started to plan our trip. The drive to Birmingham is about 5 hours, we organised a hotel right next to the arena and began to get excited.

About 2 weeks after got our tickets, we started to learn more about the layout of the show. Creators hyped it, saying it was a revolution in the way creators would meet their audience. We started to see floor layouts of ‘Main Street’, lots of area’s filled with things to see and do- it then was came out that Main Street was only for people with standing tickets. I felt a bit mislead, that is information that should’ve been disclosed before tickets went on sale but I shook it off, thinking they would’ve thought about the people sitting and would make it special for them too.

It wasn’t until the week before the event, I started to become a bit worried about the whole thing. We got an email saying that we weren’t allowed to enter until 4pm and the show would be finished for 6pm, I was concerned that people sitting weren’t going to get much of an experience.

Nonetheless, I pushed it from my mind and at 7.30am on Saturday 28th October, we set off down to Birmingham.

We were told that doors open at 3pm, we arrived at the Genting Arena at 3.20 to a massive queue trailing right round the building. We stood in line, spirits high and waited… and waited.

We didn’t get into the building until 3.54 pm, the security were struggling to get everyone in the doors and body-checked. There needed to be at least double the staff which irritates me because they knew how many tickets were sold, therefore how many people would be arriving.

A member of staff told us the show was delayed so we could queue for merch, which we did. I thought it was just a random merch queue stand and there would be others round the arena but no, it was infact the pop-up Creator Store. We stood in line, they would let 15-20 people in at a time and it was a free-for-all. I was desperate for a khaki Sugg Life hoodie but being so near the back, the stock was decreasing rapidly.

30 minutes later, we could hear the show starting- no one told us it was starting, we were still told it was delayed but we were so near the front so I waited. It was chaos. Parents grabbing things out of our hands, people pushing and elbowing. Madness and uncontrolled. Needless to say, they had sold out of the hoodie in my size. What I don’t get is how they could’ve sold out? They sell the merch all year round online, surely it would be better to have too much and take it back to the warehouse than not enough?

We finally got into the show, about 3.30 and the show had been going on about 10 minutes. There was no staff checking tickets or directing us to our seats, thankfully out seats were easy to find.

Main Street did look really cool and the way it was planned was good and thoughtful of people who are claustrophobic or get stressed in busy situations. There were lots of areas away from the crowd.

We sat down just as Marcus Butler was finishing his section, with Alfie, Caspar, Louise and Tyler- I later found out we’d missed the two minutes Zoella was on stage for.

Oli White played a game with some Youtubers, Mark Ferris, Josh Pieterse, Tom Daly etc. Then Louise Pentland came on, who I absolutely love, she was doing comedy but I felt like she was censoring herself- even at Louise Live she was a bit more real. This is where it bugs me that they censor themselves for the 12 year olds that are too young to be there. Youtubers, particularly the adults in their late 20’s/30’s are not for children, it’s not even about the content they create (to an extent) it’s the fact they are being thrown into a world they are too young for… that’s a whole different matter.

Then Marcus Butler came out and they sang a duet- no seriously- it was so cringe because I’m not actually sure if they were joking or not. Joe Sugg came on for two minutes to show prank that was so obviously fake, then KSI came on and we nipped out for food at this point.

When we came back (less than 5 minutes), Rose and Rosie were on, then Saffron Barker came on and took a selfie which had to get to 5,000 likes before The Vamps would come on, it seriously took nearly 5 minutes and it was so awkward.

The Vamps came on, sang their new song (promo obvs) then one other, then Jim Chapman and the rest of the Creators came on and literally said ‘Thank-You, have a safe journey home’ and the lights came up… It was 17.29.

Everyone sitting around me, went silent, looking at each other thinking ‘surely that can’t be it’. Then the lights came up and everyone was pouring out. I was so confused, thinking surely we’d missed something.

Walking out of the arena was a blur, people were so angry, upset and disappointed. It hadn’t even lasted 90 minutes.

We walked across the road to Resorts World for food and the atmosphere was down, everyone was disappointed, there was no buzz like there usually is after a concert.

I’m not quite sure what went wrong, funnily it was exactly a year previous we saw Joe & Caspar: Hit the Road and it was fantastic, one of my friends had never watched them in her life and she loved it.

I think if we’d been standing, It would’ve been a completely different experience (although I hear the VIP was a let down). I do feel seated tickets were just a money making scheme. They charged us £30 each to sit at the side for an hour, it wasn’t even the good Creators on stage, well, the ones we were there to see.

What makes me feel even worse is I feel mislead because we didn’t know what seating entailed when we bought the tickets, we didn’t know there was a difference between them other than the obvious because nothing was said.

They know they made an arse of it, there were changes on the Sunday reflecting on peoples views on the Saturday. What really bugs me is no one was big enough to admit that they let us down or made an arse of it, which they obviously knew to make said changes. They just interact with fans who are singing their praises and ignore the criticism instead of owning up or admitting it.

It’s making me very weary of going to events like this again, sometimes business-man Alfie Deyes does take over and that’s the only difference I can see between this and events like Louise Live and Joe & Caspar: Hit the Road.

Don’t get me wrong, the staff at the Genting were atrocious, the organisation was diabolical and that all added to the event being a shambles. That’s what it was, a shambles and I’m sorry I gave up my weekend for it.



  1. November 11, 2017 / 3:08 pm

    Sorry you had such a bad time, it seems like such a waste of money! The only thing I’d take from it is that at least you got to see the Vamps?!

    Nicola //

    • gemmalynsey
      November 11, 2017 / 4:39 pm

      I did complain and they said they’d refund my tickets but so far we’ve not had anything! I saw The Vamps years ago when they opened for Selena Gomez so tbh I wasn’t that bothered, I had a fun weekend with my friends though so that’s what matters!

  2. Jewel
    November 15, 2017 / 8:15 am

    That absolutely sounds like a nightmare , especially because everyone was making it sound so good and then it turns out to be a whole other story. I hope some of the youtubers involved explain what happened … I saw a bit in Zoe’s blog but it sounded like she had a great time ?

    • gemmalynsey
      November 15, 2017 / 6:01 pm

      I think some people standing had the best time! From what I gather with standing you had to be in the right place at the right time but it wasn’t organised well. Seating was an absolute joke though! We did get a refund which was something but to be honest I don’t care about the money, I would’ve rather had a good experience. Hopefully it’s an experience that a lot of people will learn from and the next one will be better!