As far as advent calendars go, I will always be a fan. Infact, this year i’ve decided to make the adult decision to have an advent calendar in November as well- countdown to the countdown. Beauty and advent calendars are a winner for me also and I love watching unboxing posts or people rating the best ones but I do think it’s all getting a bit out of hand.

Some calendars are over £100, if you’re buying Christmas presents for friends/family etc and generally preparing to cover the cost of Christmas, who is spending over £100 on an advent calendar for themselves?? Infact, the only people i’ve seen with these extravagant products are bloggers who’ve been sent them as a PR gift.

I just think it’s a bit unrealistic and every year seems to get more extravagant. I’ve been having a look at calendars under £50 and here are my thoughts.

No7 Ultimate Beauty Calendar – £40 

25 treats, a good mixture of make-up, skincare & tools. I love No7 as a brand and would highly recommend their products to anyone. There is only one cop-out treat which is the invitation to use their match-made service as it’s free all year round for anyone. Other than that, I’d be happy with all of these and use every single one.






Sleek A Gift A Day Advent Calendar – £35 

Considering the price of Sleek products if you walk into store and pick them up, I think this is relatively good value for money. Again 25 treats, by the looks of it a mixture of make-up and brushes (and at least 2 palettes!). I’ve never tried their brushes but I really like their make-up. This looks like it would give your make-up bag a refresh with a good variety of products.




QVC -£40 (Coming Soon)

Said to feature brands such as Becca, Pixi, Rituals, Liz Earle and Philosophy… this is a calendar you don’t want to be missing out on. For people who know about and use QVC for make-up, they tend to swear by it but I still feel It’s a bit of a secret. There is no release date that I can find for this product but It’s worth keeping an eye out for it.

Tanya Burr 12 Sweet Days Beauty Calendar -£30 (£20 right now)

I got the Tanya Burr advent calendar last year, I really enjoyed it. I found it lots of bits that I probably wouldn’t buy myself e.g. glitter eyeliner, but useful products that I’d use- and I did. The packaging is absolutely beautiful, as usual, the only reason I’m not re-purchasing is because it’s almost the exact same products as last year which is disappointing. If you’ve not had it yet, I’d recommend this one.




Bomb Cosmetics Christmas 2017 – £20 (£15.95 right now)


A mixture of soaps and bath bombs for the 24 days leading up to Christmas. I’ve heard of Bomb Cosmetics but never tried them, I think they look good and compared to others this calendar is a bargain. It’s a great way to try out the products if they’re not a brand you know well.



Benefit ‘San Francisco Winter Wonderglam’ – £34.95 

Despite being only 12 days and still the better part of £40, if you like Benefit then I’d say this is good value. There is some really great mini’s in here and a relatively good product range. My only issue is three mascara’s, okay one’s a tinted primer, I’d say that’s unnecessary, they should’ve put in a lipstick or something instead.




The Body Shop ’24 Days of Beauty’ – £45

This is the cheapest of the three calendars available this year. I don’t shop in The Body Shop that often, I like certain things but it’s not products I get or try a lot. There are some good products in this but there are absolute some cop-outs… like the brush that looks like a thin toothbrush, what is that for- who actually uses one of those?? If you’re a Body Shop enthusiast, you may disagree but by looking at it, i’m not sure it’s worth it.



Feel Unique ’12 Days of Beauty’ – £35

This calendar reminds of those ‘mystery bags’ you would get in Claire’s Accessories, £15 for a bag of junk that was “was worth £50”, for what it’s worth I loved those bags. I don’t see any thought in the making of this calendar, it’s a bit of a mix-up.  Their unique selling point is the fact it’s much cheaper than their competitors; Look Fantastic, John Lewis, etc and that will entice people but personally, I wouldn’t pay £35 for this.