What’s In My Bag – Clubbing Edition | October 2017

I am that friend that needs to be prepared for everything. I organise, plan, make lists days in advance and I strive to prepare for every eventuality. This often means I carry unnecessary things around with me but I’d much rather have them and not need them, than need them and not have them.

I don’t drink alcohol, so I don’t go out clubbing very often but I do enjoy it when I go. Bags are smaller so it’s a bit more of a challenge to prepare but I think I’ve nailed my essential items.

I really love to take this bag out with me. It’s from Accessorize and I picked it up in the sale for £12. There is two compartments, one I keep my phone, keys, purse etc and the other side I keep make-up, lipstick and other beauty essentials. This means I’m not constantly in the side with my purse and keys so I’m less likely to lose them.

My Purse – essential for obvious reasons. I’d never take my every-day purse on a night out because it’s too big but also because there is too many things to risk losing. I have a small one from Cath Kidston, enough room for my ID and my money.

Keys– again essential for obvious reasons. I always have them on a key ring so they’re easy to find in my bag.

Phone– again, self-explanatory

Tissues I couldn’t leave without these. In my experience, by about 1.30am there is never any toilet roll. I’m not sure what girls do with it but it seems to disappear. Always have a pack of tissues in your bag, this should just be a life-rule but particularly if you’re going out.

Lip-stick– Whatever I have on my lips when I leave the house, I have in my bag.

Vaseline– Especially when I’m wearing matte liquid lipstick, there comes a point in the night when I just want my lips to feel moisturised. If I don’t have vaseline/lip-balm in my bag, I can’t think about anything other than how much I need it.

Powder– It’s hot and you’re dancing so you get sweaty quickly in clubs. It’s normally also when the dance-floor is full, that the photographer comes around. I always keep a pressed powder in my bag for touch-ups. This is the Primark No Sweat pressed powder and is the one I use everyday.

Not surprisingly, I also take a brush. I normally take this Real Techniques one. This is one of my fave RT brushes, it’s so versatile so it’s great for days out, holidays, anytime you’re low on space. Blusher, bronzer, highlight, powder, you name it this brush has your back.

Hairbrush– I’ve had my fair share of drinks being spilled on me (unintentionally of course), as I’m quite small, people pass drinks over my head, they’ve already had a few, it spills a bit… over me of course. The only thing worse than sticky drinks getting spilled in your hair is not being able to bush it out immediately. I picked this up in Boots for £1 and I’d never leave home without it.

Other things I always take out with me are plasters, socks (if I’m wearing high heels and think I’ll end up on the journey home barefoot), chewing gum and hand

So that is what’s in my bag- clubbing edition, I really hope you enjoyed this post. If you did be sure to sign up to the mailing list so you don’t miss another.

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