£6 Primark Shadow Palette- Buy or Bye? | October 2017

I don’t tend to spend a lot of time in the beauty section at Primark but this palette caught my eye and I just couldn’t resist it. This is the Girls With Attitude (GWA)’The Ultimate Goddess Palette’ and will set you back £6.

Containing 18 colours- some would say small trays, I personally have never finished an eye palette and doubt this will be any different. The Palette also has a pretty good mirror and the glittery exterior has minimal downfall- so far so good!

Ranging from peachy nudes to warm rose and blue hues- the palette is the ultimate colour scheme for both natural and smokey looks, day and night. The colours all have an element of shimmer, some stronger than others but no matte shades. I really like matte shades and couldn’t have a go-to palette without. Budget brands tend not to produce matte shades because they’re more difficult to produce still, i’d like at least one- even if it’s a rubbish one.

The colour pay-off is okay, you do have to work with the shades but that is budget eye-shadow for you, there’s a reason we pay more for high end. The darker shades are easier to work with, naturally. I wouldn’t use this in a rush but if you have the time (and patience), you can achieve some really lovely looks.

I must admit, if i don’t have a lot of time, i’m guilty of going in with a damp brush which is how I did the swatches. It’s must easier but it does ruin the eyeshadow so you have to scratch off the top layer the next time you use it… at £6 for the whole thing, I don’t really mind.

I probably use this more for daytime, going to work etc, which I like it for. The colours are subtle and light and it’s just enough. For a more dramatic look, I probably wouldn’t pick this up over some of my others. 

Overall, for £6, I don’t regret buying it… If i ever finished it (by some miracle), I probably wouldn’t re-purchase. The colours are gorgeous but- like with all budget eyeshadow- you have to work with it unless you go in with a damp brush and ruin it! The lack of matte colours is also a deal breaker for me… I just don’t need to shimmer everyday.