Brand Focus: Bourjois | May 2017

Brand Focus: Bourjois | May 2017

Bourjois was a brand that until Christmas, i just walked past. I had never tried the products or heard too much about the products so really, i just ignored it. However since Christmas time, i’ve acquired quite a selection of Bourjois products so i thought i would let you know what i thought of them!

 Healthy Mix Foundation 

This is a perfect summer foundation. It gives an incredible, light coverage so enhances your skin as opposed to covering it. It’s light and comfortable to wear. This is definitely for good skin days, i don’t get on with this product as well when my skin as bad. It’s a good product to have in my drawer although i wouldn’t wear it everyday, it definitely has its purpose. It also smells really nice, kind of like peaches, if you’re into that.

Maxi Delight Bronzer

I have been SO impressed with this bronzer, i actually featured it in a favourites post. It smells like chocolate and sunshine which isn’t an essential feature but it’s a bonus! This is a really great colour with just enough shimmer to make you glow, without being too much in the daytime. You get a lot of product for your money, i’ve been using it everyday for a few months and it barely looks used.


I got this in a gift set so i didn’t get to pick the colour but i got a baby pink blusher which is a great shimmer without being too strong. The mirror in this is probably the best thing about the product, the mirror is excellent particularly for traveling. I do like the blusher and the one i have is a perfect holiday blush.

Velvet Rouge Matte Finish (04 Peach Club)

I would probably never pick this colour for myself but i actually really like it- a statement lip with little make-up, it’s not too strong. It does smell a bit industrial to begin with but once it’s on it goes away. It’s comfortable enough, not the most comfortable or the least. Like most liquid lipsticks, it’s durable until you eat or drink.

Volume Clubbing Mascara

I like this mascara as you have a lot of control over how much product goes onto your lashes which is good for me as i have really long, dark lashes by nature. I probably wouldn’t buy it again because it smudges easily and transfers onto my eyelid and under my eyes so easily.

Radiance Reveal Concealer

I heard a lot of hype about this and it was really hard to get my hands on. As a concealer it works just as well as my staple, Collection lasting perfection, it probably blends a bit easier and feels a bit nicer on my skin. Whilst being double the price and half the size of my regular, i’ve been surprised how long this has lasted. I’d buy this again sheerly for sure.

Fine Liner Ultra Black 

I don’t wear eye liner a lot so i’m not sure how long it’s supposed to last, this only lasts a few hours before it wears off and smudges. My other eye liner is a Soap & Glory one. I definitely prefer the S&G one!

Have you tried any of these products? How did you get on with them? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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– Gemma Lynsey

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