Holiday OOTDs | July 2017

Things have been really quiet on gemmalynsey lately and i profusely apologise, i’m going to write a life update post next week which should explain the lack of posting! I was on holiday with my friends a few weeks ago and a lot of you on twitter said you wanted to read an OOTD post so alas, here it is!

I discovered the dungaree playsuit last year after getting one from New Look, unfortunately it was faulty and i couldn’t get another. This one was from H&M which i’m not a lover of, i have to go up a size and even then it wasn’t that comfortable. It looks cute on and is my style. I love this look and holidays are really the only time i get to wear things like this.

Dungaree Playsuit- £12.99 H&M
T-shirt- £5.99 New Look


I wore this on the first night- as you can see i have no tan- it was a comfortable, throw-on outfit after a long day of traveling. The shorts are the focal point so i opted for a plain top. The top is from H&M and i actually had a few in different colours which were really useful.

Shorts- £15 (Sale) Oasis
Top- £3.99 H&M


I got this playsuit a few years ago from Oasis. I don’t shop in Oasis frequently but it definitely has its place for pieces like this. For statement, holiday pieces i’d always give Oasis a look.

Playsuit- £45 Oasis 



This was definitely an end-of-holiday once i had a tan outfit. I bought this for going to New York last year and it’s such a statement outfit, i absolutely love it.

Shorts- £5.99 (Sale!) Zara
Crop top- £12.99(ish) Forever 21


This was probably my favourite outfit. I picked this up from Primark a few weeks before i went. The colours seem to suit me really well and the shorts were really comfortable. Unfortunately i didn’t get a good picture of just me but you can still see the outfit. The only issue with the shorts is the crease so easily but i get so many compliments every time i wear them.

You may have noticed i wore the same pair of shoes every night. They are from Next, i bought them years ago and they go with everything! I did take another pair of sandals but they were so uncomfortable i lived in these!
Shorts- £10 Primark
Cami- £4 Primark
Shoes- £25 Next




I posted all of these and more on my Instagram @gemmalynsey_ if you wanna see more holiday & life snaps!

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– Gemma Lynsey

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