Getting My Eyebrows Microbladed| April 2017

What is microblading ?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanant cosmetic where pigment is implanted into the skin to mimic real brow hairs. A hand-held blade is used so hair strokes can be created to give the look of real, full brows.

It has become increasingly popular in the last few months as an alternative to make-up or a solution for those with fine eyebrows or hair loss.

Why i chose microblading

I’ve suffered with alopecia on and off my whole life, since i was 18, it’s been severe. A few months ago my eyebrows started falling out and it was incredibly hard. While i can cover it up with make-up, i don’t want to put on a full face everyday. For times when i’m just taking my dog a walk, i had to do my brows. I decided i needed something better, and quickly came to love the idea of microblading because it looked so natural.

Choosing my artist

I had looked into the process, but hadn’t looked at artists. I actually stumbled across the woman who did my brows through other people liking her page on Facebook. I watched her page for a few weeks as she uploads before and after pictures of all of her clients. Once i was sure this was the kind of brow i wanted, i booked the appointment.

Of course make sure the artist and the salon is insured and properly qualified. Looking at pictures and reviews of the artists’ previous work is one of the best ways to research.

Does it hurt? 

Yes. It’s incredibly painful to begin with. Essentially the skin around your eyebrows is being ripped before they put the pigment in. I’ve got a pretty high pain threshold and i’ve had tattoo’s before but this was worse. It only hurts for a few minutes and then they’ll put numbing cream on. It’s then uncomfortable, but not too painful.

While it’s painful, it wasn’t unbearable and looking at the end result, it’s definitely worth it.


For ten days after you cannot wear make-up on the brows, i’m just having ten make-up free days to be sure. You have to wash your face with warm water and soap twice a day- i’ve been using baby soap as lots of people say that’s the best. Pat your face dry and put Bepanthen on your brows. Don’t use any other creams except Bepanthen, even the likes of Sudocream can take the pigment out.

How long does it last? 

It depends on people’s lifestyle and skin type but with proper care it should last for two years. Exposing your skin to the sun without protection and use of sun-beds without protection will cause them to fade. At least SPF30 but preferably SPF50.

How much does it cost? 

The whole process is split into three: initial treatment, 4-6 week top-up & yearly top-up. The initial treatment was £125, £25 of which was a deposit. The 4-6 week top up is £50 and the yearly top-up is £75. This was actually pretty cheap but i wasn’t bothered about the money, this artist did the kind of brows i was looking for.

Elsewhere it costs between £150-£300 depending. It’s not something i would look to save money on. It costs what it costs- it’s worth it for a good quality job.

Is it worth it? 

Particularly with my condition, it’s going to change my life. I’ve only had it done two days and already i’m feeling the benefits.
It’s really a personal decision but i would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about having it done.


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– Gemma Lynsey

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