Worth The Hype? Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette | March 2017

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Kit, is a palette which features six highlighting and sculpting powders and will set you back £39.
“With both matte and sateen textures, they are perfect to enhance your features by creating natural light and dark shadow on your face.”
The palette comes in three different shades: light/medium; medium/dark and tan/deep.


What was supposed to be a “must have” product for beauty lovers, has caused so much divide in people!  I picked one of these up in Sephora when i was in New York because i really wanted to try it out. I’ve been using it on and off for a few months now and i feel like i’m ready to give my review… so is it worth the hype??

The packing is plain black and the actual palette is plastic, the cover is a like a thick cardboard. It’s simple, light and compact. I feel like the addition of a mirror would’ve worked wonders for this product. I like a really close up mirror when contouring so i was a bit disappointed there was no mirror. The lid is magnetic so it won’t open in your make-up bag and it flips up to reveal the colours.


In the palette you have six removable powders: 2 shimmer & four matte shades. If you run out of one colour you can just buy a replacement powder as opposed to a full kit which is good. The lifespan of these kits is 12 months so considering i’ve had mine for seven and it hasn’t been used that much… i’d advise if you’re going to buy this then only use this product to the get the life out of it.

The three lighter powders are: Vanilla, Banana & Sand. I found myself using Vanilla the most, it had a great consistency and a good colour. I felt the colour pay off was really good and it lasted pretty well. I haven’t really touched Banana, it’s a bit yellow for me- i suppose it could work as a bit of a colour corrector if need be. Sand is your shimmer powder which i didn’t choose over Vanilla for contouring. I tried it as a highlight but i felt i had much better highlighters in my drawer.


The three darker powders are: Java, Fawn & Havana. Java & Havana are much warmer browns so i was drawn to Fawn which is much cooler and has a bit of a shimmer. I felt the colour pick up was awful on this powder, my brush looked like it had nothing on it! The other two colours are significantly better although i feel they’re a bit warm for my skin tone.


Otherwise the palette is fine, the majority of the colours are workable, the finish is fine and i’m not quite sure what exactly i was expecting… Do i think this palette is any better than similar contour palettes you can get on the high street? No. Would i re-purchase? No.

Maybe it’s because high street products are so good (sorry Kat Von D, but they are), i just felt  it wasn’t worth the money.

High Street alternatives that i’ve found are just as good as this palette is the Barry M Chisel Cheeks Palette (x) – you only get three colours but this palette is fab! Also the NXY Highlight & Contour Pro (x)- more shades, just as good and half the price!

Every girl wants all the high end brands in their make-up collection but 80% of the time we’re paying for the brand name rather than the product. More expensive isn’t always better.

If you’ve tried this palette please let me know what you thought, as i said before there has been so much divide over this palette.

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