Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Hair Curler Review| March 2017

I was given the opportunity to review the Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Hair Curler which is different from any other curler I’ve ever used, due to the coconut oil infused barrel.

“Coconut oil is a natural nutrient that provides the essential proteins required for nourishing and repairing damaged hair.
With a 40% longer barrel, my CoCo LoCo Long Tong will easily create gorgeous, defined curls for even the longest hair.  (x)”


This curling iron will set you back £23.99 on Amazon (x) and £29.99 elsewhere.


The curler has a pink and blush/rose gold colour scheme, as far as curlers go it’s attractive. It’s much bigger than my previous curling wand  (which isn’t small by any manner of means). The first time I used it, I burnt myself a lot just trying to adapt to the size but from then on it was fine. It doesn’t come with a heat protector mat but there is a little stand so the actual iron won’t touch your surfaces, which is fine with me. The curler features a thumb grip, swivel cord and a rotating thumb grip.


How well does it work? 

When I curl my hair, I don’t use the iron clip, I just wrap my hair around the wand. I find this avoids unwanted kinks but the clip is there is you prefer to use it. I found this created beautiful bouncy curls effortlessly. The instruction booklet advises leaving the hair around the want for 10 seconds before releasing but I found it was around six seconds. The pieces of hair can be as thin or thick as you like depending on the look you are trying to create. I found the curler worked just as well with thick pieces of hair as it did thinner pieces. Curling my hair was quick and easy with this product and produced beautiful curls.

CoCo LoCo 

The thing that really attracted me to these curlers was the coconut oil infused element. I used to only curl my hair for special occasions because it completely dried out my hair and made it really stiff. I could definitely feel the benefits of the coconut oil, my hair felt much softer for the entire day. This made my hair much easier to work with throughout the day. My hair is thick so it tangles and matte’s easily particularly when it’s curled but I only had to run a brush through my hair a few times. The added moisture makes this product perfect if you have fry hair or wear a human hair wig or extensions as these products are naturally dry and don’t have the benefits of natural oils from the scalp.


Being impressed at the quality of this product, I was really interested to see how it re-curls. When I curl my hair, I kind of make the commitment to keep it curled until I wash it (normally once a week) because i don’t like the idea of straightening it out. I’ve found previously that re-curling my hair results in dry, burnt, dull hair. Again this product impressed me. Re-curling was easy as the curls kept their shape really well. It re-curled well without drying out my hair.


Any Shortfalls? 

My only criticism is I would’ve liked an indicator that the curler was ready to use, like a light or a beep. I mean yes, leave it a few minutes and it will be ready but I love that my GHD straighteners beep when they’re ready. Even if the red ‘on’ light went green when ready, i think that would’ve made a difference.

If you’re interested in these curlers, you can buy them here (x). They are a complete steal considering how inexpensive they are and I’m so glad I’ve found them.


Note: although i was given this product to review free of charge, all opinions are my and this is a 100% honest and impartial review. 







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