Real Techniques: Bold Metals v Original Collection |March 2017

When it comes to make up brushes my go to is Real Techniques. I have (almost) the entire original collection and i love them. At Christmas, i received some of the Bold Metals collection which are exclusive to Boots (x). The Bold Metals are almost double the price of the original collection so i was excited to try them out and see the difference.


The original collection comes in pink, purple or orange depending on what brush you’re buying and what it’s for (e.g. all eye brushes are purple, all base brushes are orange etc). The brush fibres are black and white on the majority of this collection. There is also the duo-fibre brushes available as part of this collection. There is much wider range of brushes available to you in the original collection.

The Bold Metals come in gold, silver and rose gold. Like the original collection, the colour depends on the what brush and it’s use. These brushes are longer and more defined so they’re really easy to use. The brushes definitely feel luxurious.

Original Collection / Bold Metals



300 Tapered Blush Brush (x)

img_3090I’ve used this both for blush and contour. I really like how the brush comes to a point so it’s great for detail. The fibres are really soft which feels lovely on the skin. The product goes on really light which is good because a light hand is the key, it’s not a brush to use in a hurry. I’ve only used this brush with powder product and i’ve heard people say they’re good with liquids so i’m going to give that a go. It’s a nice brush but i’m not convinced it’s £19 nice. I definitely don’t love it as much as the RT original blush brush or sculpting brush.
Original Collection / Bold Metals

102 Triangle Concealer Brush (ximg_3091

This may be the most awkward concealer brush ever, i absolutely hate it. It sounds great, tapered and shaped to fit into all awkward places. The brush is too dense for me and i think it would be good for a really high coverage look but i’m just not into that. The product description says it’s for liquid or cream concealer. I use liquid, and i prefer to buff the product into my skin so this brush just isn’t for me. I currently use the setting brush or the deluxe crease brush for concealer and i love them.
Original Collection / Bold Metals

img_3092203 Tapered Shadow Brush (x)
This brush, i absolutely love. It’s become my go to base shadow brush. It distributes evenly and the brush is dense enough that there is no downfall but not too dense. The length of the brush assures you go in with a light hand and it makes eye colour and blending much easier. I still use my original RT brushes for my eyes but this brush is always my base.
Original Collection / Bold Metals 




I have found that the Bold Metals’ get much dirtier, much quicker. It’s not just the look of dirty brushes, they don’t work as well when dirty so you have to clean them much more often.

Also, the Bold Metals’ may be more visually appealing but the handles get really grubby with fingerprints.

The Bold Metals’ are designed with the highest quality of synthetic fibres so there is less fall out. I’ve never really had an issue with fall out on my original brushes so that wouldn’t convince me to shell out and buy the Bold Metals’.

Original Collection / Bold Metals


While the Bold Metals’ are beautiful to look at and some of the brushes i do really like, i don’t think they’re good enough to justify the money. The original collection is fantastic quality brushes and they do the same job to the same standard. The Bold Metal’s is a much bigger job in terms of upkeep to keep them looking as beautiful as they look new. Personally, i don’t think they’re worth it.


I’d love to know your thoughts on these. Do you swear by the Bold Metals’? Or do you love the Original collection? Please let me know in the comments below.

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– Gemma Lynsey

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  1. March 5, 2017 / 7:05 pm

    Lovely post! I have always wondered about the bold metal brushes but I think I’m definitely going to stick to the originals, especially if the bolds get dirtier quicker too! No one likes cleaning their makeup brushes in the first place so definitely don’t want to do it more often with these haha xx

    • March 5, 2017 / 7:32 pm

      I’m glad you liked it! Yeah cleaning brushes is such a chore! Xx

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