Beauty Product of the Month: PS… Priming Water |February 2017

Primer is one of those things, you either believe in it or you don’t. Personally, i love a primer and wouldn’t put my make-up on without one. It just creates a good base and i do believe it makes my make-up last longer.

I picked up this PS… Priming Water in Primark at the end of last month. I’ve never seen a priming water before so i was intrigued and the price (only £2 for 150ml!!) sold me. Other than the odd lipstick, i don’t have a lot of experience with Primark beauty but i felt like i couldn’t walk past this.


I use three/four sprays on my face a few minutes before i put my foundation on. This is much more hygienic than using a cream, the less contact you have with your dirty hands the better!

I know a lot of people have a problem with sprays and generally stay away from setting sprays. It’s never something that’s bothered me but this spray is much more gentle and reaches much more of your face than any setting spray i’ve tried.

Value for money, this is a winner. The bottle is big for only £2 i reckon this would last a solid four months if not more. So how well does it work?

I found this works just as well as any primer i’ve ever tried. My make-up sits on the skin really well and doesn’t look too heavy.

It feels fresh and light on your skin and it hydrates your skin as well. The product doesn’t contain any oil or alcohol so is suitable for my sensitive skin.

Creams can be heavy on the skin particularly if you’re using a moisturiser, cream primer and cream foundation. Switching the primer just breaks this up a bit and i really love it. I’ll definitely be switching to this and would highly recommend it to anyone!

I don’t know why i stray away from Primark beauty considering Primark is up there with my favourite things in the world (perhaps because the stands are always super crowded) but i’m going tomorrow so i’ll definitely be trying to squeeze through the crowds and have a good look!

If you have any Primark beauty recommendations please let me know in the comments. I’m also planning on doing a post on my favourite Primark spring pieces which should be out either Sunday night or the start of next week.

– Gemma Lynsey


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