Trying Healthy Snacks | February 2017

I love snacking. Snacks of any kind make me happy but where I eat a pretty healthy diet for my main meals it’s snacks that can be my downfall.I’m always looking for new, healthy snacks and I’ve tried subscription boxes like Graze or Sourced Box but I always find there are lots of products that I don’t actually like.

With that in mind, I went to Holland & Barrett online and placed an order full of healthy snacks to try out. My order came to around £23 (which is roughly the price of Sourced Box) and I got LOADS.

Rebel Kitchen Dairy Free Milk Chocolate (x)(£1.99) 

This is a perfect alternative to chocolate milk if you don’t drink dairy. It tastes exactly like chocolate milk and the coconut base gives it extra flavour. The consistency isn’t completely smooth which may put some people off, personally it didn’t bother me… maybe i just didn’t shake it enough. I’d definitely recommend this!

Naturya Chia Seeds (x) £6.99 (£3 on offer)

I really like adding chia seeds to yoghurt and smoothies, they don’t really taste of anything but they’re a super-food and good to incorporate into your diet. I don’t really have much to say about these other than this was a really good buy!

Inspiral Raspberry pecks (x) 99p

I’d tried coconut crisps before and i wasn’t too impressed but they were savoury not sweet so i thought I’d give these a go. They are tasty and they may be full of clean ingredients but 1 bag is half of your daily saturated fat intake. They just ain’t worth that!


Jim Jams Hazelnut Spread (x) £2.79

Oh my goodness. This tastes EXACTLY like Nutella but 83% less sugar. I don’t even feel bad having this on toast with strawberries in the morning! I would 1000% recommend this, by far my favourite product.

Nakd Rhubarb & Custard Bar (x) 99p

I’ve tried a few of these before but never this flavour. I think they always get the flavour bang on but I’m not sure of the texture. I thought this tasted like there was alcohol in it, like boozy chocolates which i don’t like. Once i got used to the texture, it was okay. It’s probably quite good if you’re looking for a sensible snack although quite high in sugar (natural sugar though). I’d buy these again but in different flavours, this tasted too boozy!

Nom Organic Oatbar Banana (x) £1.59

This was really filling so made a great snack! I don’t like banana’s but i really like banana flavour. This doesn’t taste of banana like at all. It’s very nutty which makes it great in nutritional value, lots of good calories and good fats. Personally i liked it but it doesn’t taste like banana.

Whitworths Berry & White Chocolate Shot (x) 59p

This wasn’t new because I buy these all the time. Great snacks for the library, trains even in class. Little bits of chocolate and lots of raisins and berries. Definite thumbs up!

Mulu Raw Chocolate Buttons (x) £1.39

I feel mugged off with this one. I didn’t realise it was 22g when I added it to my basket but for reference, it’s like the size of the fun size Cadbury buttons that you’d give to a 3-year-old. They’re too strong for me. If you like dark chocolate you’ll like these but I wasn’t a fan.

Cocoa Libre Milk Chocolate Alternative (x) £1.99

I mean it’s okay, but the whole thing is half your daily sat fat allowance so if you’re watching your weight just get a Galaxy and be done with it. There’s something about this, that really puts me off normal chocolate. One square of this got rid of my chocolate craving so it’s handy to have if you’re a chocolate fiend like myself.

Organic Mini Moo Original (x) 99p

I found this on the child friendly section, from the pictures it looked like milk chocolate but it’s definitely not! It has a nice flavour and if you can’t eat normal chocolate or don’t want to, it’s a good alternative.

Mini Moo Cheeky Orange Bar (x) 99p

Again, this was aimed at kids so i wasn’t expecting it to taste quite as dark as it did. It was much better than the chocolate buttons. There is like little sugar/rice crystals around the edge and a good orange flavour. I can’t kid myself, it tasted nothing like a chocolate orange but it was good!

Raw Health Organic Blissed Chocada Truffles (x) £2.49

On the website, this looked like milk ‘chocolate’ truffles so you can imagine my horror when i realised these were dark. I can dabble in dark chocolate and i find it great to satisfy cravings but about 65% is my limit. Vegan substitutes are very dark and i just knew from the minute i looked at them i wasn’t going to like them. These are much harder than your average truffle and are chewy all the way through. The taste isn’t as bad as i imagined but i still only made it through half of one…

So there you have it! I loved the chocolate milk, chia seeds, hazelnut spread the banana bar and berry shot. Other than that, I’ll give them a miss.

If you are watching your calories, please be extra careful of these kinds of snacks. Just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s the healthy option! These snacks are good in the sense there isn’t anything added or many ingredients so it really depends what you’re looking for!

If you go and buy any of these please let me know! Equally if you can recommend any healthy snacks that you love, I’d love to check them out!

– Gemma Lynsey

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