Disappointing Beauty Products| January 2017


There is nothing worse than treating yourself to new products, or trying something different and being completely disappointed. These are all beauty products that i regret buying. 

Natural Collection Concealer (x)img_2899

I’ve used this brand before and for some things, it hits the spot. All cosmetics are £1.99, so for lipsticks and blushers this brand is a gem. I tried the concealer, i wasn’t looking for much yet i was still disappointed. The reviews for the product were actually relatively positive. In my experience,  it’s watery, there is no coverage and it doesn’t blend. I don’t believe in the phrase, you get what you pay for, but in this case it’s very true. Highly disappointed and wouldn’t recommend! 

Collection Sheer Loose Powder (x)

I have a love/hate relationship with Collection. I live for the lasting perfection concealer and i really like the matte lip creams, but other than that i’ve never been too impressed. I found this concealer uneven and not subtle. The powder seemed to gather on parts of my skin and within a few hours, i was a patchy mess. It was also far too heavy on my skin. There are so many better products out there, i’ll be giving this a miss from now on. 

B. Sweet Popping Candy Highlighting Serum 

img_2898This is from B. which is exclusive to Superdrug, i saw this years ago and thought it looked really cool but was super expensive for what it was. It went on sale a few months ago so i picked it up for around £4. You just use it like a highlighter but i felt there was so much liquid, not only did it not highlight, it wiped away my foundation and powder which was already there. It left my skin streaky with no glow. It must be one of the most disappointing products EVER. I’m just glad i didn’t pay the RRP of £14.99! This product has since been discontinued, good idea but disappointing execution! 


Soap & Glory Hocus Focus Instant Illuminator (x)img_2897

Similar problems to the above liquid highlighter. This has a much stronger highlight but there is too much water in the liquid and it goes streaky and wipes your make-up off. I’m not sure if it’s just liquid highlighters in general, i tend to use creams, gels or powders. 



MUA Extreme Volume Mascara (x)


I don’t know what the formula of this is, but i’m almost sure it consists of glue. It’s sticky, doesn’t do what it should and feels horrible and heavy on the lashes. It actually had a great want so i’m disappointed in this one! 


Rimmel London Kate Moss Sculpting Palette (x)

img_2895It wasn’t that this product was terrible, i just felt it didn’t live up to the hype. There are so many products like this out there, and i was disappointed in this. The palette is quite small so you have to use a smaller brush (than i normally use for contouring) so you don’t get all the colours on the brush.

The bronzer has a lot of shimmer in it, so i wouldn’t really say it’s ideal for contouring, there is more shimmer in the bronzer than the highlight. The blush is a good colour but again, too shimmery. The highlight- which should be shimmery- i found really weak and i really had to persevere to build a good colour. The three don’t go well together and it was just too much. img_2896

If you’re looking for this kind of product i’d recommend the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Face Palette in the shade Peachy Glow (x). For around the same price, you get more product which work so much better together and are more pigmented. 



These are the products i’ve been disappointed in and overall, regret buying. This is of course, my own opinion based on my personal experience. 

Have you came across any disappointing beauty products? Let me know in the comments below! 

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| Gemma Lynsey 






  1. January 25, 2017 / 10:27 pm

    I’ve never tried these products so thanks for sharing this post ! You’ve got such a lovely blog ! X

    • January 26, 2017 / 6:19 am

      Thank-you so much, that’s so kind! I’m glad you enjoyed it x

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