GLOSSYBOX Review (October 2016)

I really like beauty subscription boxes, i think it’s all stemmed from my love of goodie-bags as a child- which were all full of rubbish but exciting never the less! It’s exciting to get a box, filled with surprise beauty products in the post each month.

Lots of bloggers rave about the glossy box packing and i can confirm, it’s beautiful. It’s really luxurious and elegant- kind of like how i imagine a £400 underwear set would be packaged… which is a strange comparison but that’s what i thought of when i first opened the box!

The first thing i noticed was an unbranded shampoo, it says on the little note, it’s a brand we all know which has had “the biggest breakthrough in ten years.” It’s an exclusive for Glossybox subscribers to try before the brand is revealed later in the month. To me, it smells like Herbal Essences which i used to use when i was younger but since i tried OGX i’ve been loyal. I’m excited to try this though- a little disappointed it didn’t come with conditioner because you’re not going to get the full effect if you use another brand conditioner.

Update: it’s actually confirmed as Head & Shoulders which is a brand i’ve always felt to be too heavy on my hair, but since they’re advertising as a beauty breakthrough- i’ll give this a go!

The next thing i picked out was the Honey & Camellia Facial Exfoliator. I’ve tried their lip products and they smell really good and are good quality. It’s a creamy exfoliate with really small beads so it’s soft. It’s lovely on your skin, feels very nourishing because of the honey in it. The full size is £10.50- which i don’t think i would pay for it- but i really like getting their products in  subscription boxes to try.

I don’t really go crazy on Primark Beauty, other than the nails and the occasional lipstick i just find there is so many clothes and accessorise to look at, i skip the beauty section. Glossybox included a PS…Pro Mascara Ultimate Volume & Lift. I’ve you’ve read any of my previous beauty posts, i did win the gene lottery when it comes to eyelashes. They are thick, long and dark so i don’t look for much in a mascara. This is only £3 for a start which is a bargain! The consistency is a bit stickier than the mascara i normally use, although it’s  only on application, once it dries it feels light. It does exactly what it claims, i’d definitely recommend this and will maybe spend a bit more time in the cosmetics section the next time i’m in Primark!


The next thing in the box is the Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait Buttery Lip Cream which is a lipstick but doubles up as a lip treatment. In these months, you have to take particular care of your hands and lips so i always love a new lip treatment. As a colour, it’s far too light for me to wear on it’s own but it has a lovely, creamy formula so i’ve been using it as a lip treatment and just putting lipstick over it.

I fall in and out of love with The Body Shop quite often, included in my box was the Drops Of Youth Concentrate, designed to make your skin healthier, smoother and younger. Now i’m only 21, anti-ageing serums aren’t really on my radar other than a good SPF in my moisturiser. I’ve given this a go, it does moisturise and brighten my skin but i wouldn’t re-purchase this.

The last product in my box was a make-up product, a Universal Beauty Cosmetics Secret Flush Soothing Cream Blusher. This is a really warm colour with tones of brown, purple and red and it’s absolutely the kind of colour i go for! I don’t normally use cream blushers but i’ve been using this lately and i really like the effect it gives to your skin.

I thought this box had a good variety of products and there were a few really great products! I thought the surprise shampoo was a nice touch and it certainly was value for money! I’m trying a few different subscription boxes before i pick one to subscribe to monthly, but this is definitely a contender!

I really hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any great subscription boxes you love, please let me know in the comments below!

I have a super exciting weekend, i’m seeing Joe & Caspar Hit The Road tomorrow night and then Justin Bieber on Sunday! Hopefully i’ll see you mid week, if not i’ll upload next Friday!

Gemma Lynsey




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