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My make-up drawer, is by far my most used drawer in my bedroom. Honestly, i could do with another few drawers but space doesn’t permit. This means my make-up collection gets out of hand pretty quickly, especially if i’m in a rush and don’t have time to tidy up.

I decided to clear it all out one day as i clear out my entire wardrobe from summer to autumn wear. I threw out all the things i didn’t like (or use) because there really isn’t much point in keeping things you don’t like, there is too many new and exciting products coming out all the time for that!

Here is a below and after picture of my clear out! How did i ever find anything in that??

At the front, in the frosted pink Zoella Beauty make-up bag i have my everyday make-up. The products in this are basically the products i featured in my everyday make-up routine with a few changes. This is what i reach for when i’m going to work, or nipping to Tesco.

The original collection make-up bag (also Zoella beauty, because well…) features all my samples & mini’s that i’ve collected from magazines, subscription boxes and free gifts. It’s really easy to lose these and never use them, i like to keep them all together and have a raid every now and then.

The small pink Zoella Beauty make-up bag holds things that i’ve bought specifically for blog posts, so like my foundations from this post here (x), i kept the ones i liked and do plan on using them before i buy anymore!

The next make-up bag is my make-up brushes. I will get pots for my brushes (i’ve been saying this for months) i just haven’t ever gotten round it so this is temporary but it keeps everything together.

Then i have all my palettes in the middle, which are probably my favourite thing to buy, i always have to restrain myself from buying more. So i have my Naked palettes, Zoeva, Tanya Burr, Too Faced, ABH and Soap & Glory. I really like all of my palettes right now, i wish i had the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette and the Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne face palette but they’re both unavailable so i’ll need to be quicker next time!

Up the side i keep all my every-day hair brushes (straighteners, curlers & other hair products are all stored else where because i’d never fit them all in here) and gradual tan products that i reach for frequently.

On the back right, i have a plastic storage box which is for all my eye products: mascara’s, brow stuff, small palettes, stencils, sharpener etc. I didn’t know how many mascara’s i actually owned so hopefully now they’re all together i’ll start making my way through them. I normally opt for No.7 mascara’s but there are a few other sneaky brands hiding there.

The left storage tray holds all my face & lip products. So foundations, highlighters, bronzers… while we’re on the subject, i’m looking for a really good matt bronzer if you have any recommendations please leave them below! Primers, setting sprays… again i had lots of these that had gotten lost in the mess so now i know what’s there it’s nice to mix things up a bit!

That leaves my lip collection. I definitely have too many, i’ll definitely be buying more (currently trying and failing to get my hands on the new Tanya Burr lipsticks, sort it out Superdrug!) There’s just so many different colours out there that i want to try! Some of my favourites are the Natural collection lipsticks from Boots, at £1.99 each the colour is great and they’re so moisturising! Also love Soap & Glory lipsticks and Tanya Burr Soft matt lip cream- Martha Moo is my favourite, i reach for it all the time!

That is how i store my make-up, i wish i had more space but i just have to work with what i’m given! I am going to be super strict with myself and keep it neat and organised. I do love it right now, it’s so easy to see what i have and i know where everything is!

Let me know if you love any of the above products or have some alternatives to share.

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  1. October 14, 2016 / 8:25 pm

    I feel your struggle… I always ighting the storage battle constantly adding a new box or bag here or there seperating this or that. I find doing it fairly regularly doesn’t just keep the clutter down but makes sure I don’t ignore or forget about those things that inevitably slip to the back of the drawer 🙂

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