Testing High Street Foundations

I personally think foundation is one of the most important parts of my make-up routine. I change and try new products all the time but i generally stick to the same foundation. I wanted to carry out a little experiment to try other high street foundations varying in price just to see what else was out there.

To make this fair, i’ve used the same moisturiser, primer, concealer and powder with all these foundations.

Makeup Revolution Foundation Base  (x) £2.00

This was the least expensive of all the foundations i tried. It says it’s a foundation in the title but the bottle labels it as a BB Cream Foundation so i was expecting this to be lighter than the other ones i tried.

It comes out of the bottle very thin so make sure to give it a good shake before you use it. It blends pretty well- it’s not the best blending foundation i’ve ever had but it was workable. It’s light on the skin and provides a good coverage, it does however smell a bit like plastic. It lasted about four hours before i needed to fix it which i wasn’t too impressed with but it depends if you normally touch up your make-up throughout the day.

Overall for the price, i could forgive it’s shortcomings if i was on a budget otherwise i’d give it a miss.

SEVENTEEN Stay Time Foundation (x) (£6.46) £4.99

I picked this one to try because i really love No.7 at Boots, and Seventeen is like the version for teens/ young adults. I used to use a lot of Seventeen and i love the contour palette, i’ve tried lots of products but never the foundation before it.

The first day i tried it, i firstly found it super light but i don’t mind this as you can always add bronzer. I’d recommend testing the shades first if you go to buy this. It’s also super thick so you need a good brush/sponge to work it in. It is a good coverage and lasts really well- i was impressed!

The next few days i used it, i found it really sticky and overtime became a bit of a nightmare! It reminds me of cheap foundation you buy when you’re under the age of 17 like Miss Sporty stuff, the quality isn’t great and i wasn’t too happy about putting it on my skin.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation (x) £8.99

I’ve tried every rimmel foundation except this one but i’d heard a lot of bloggers talking about it, so thought i’d give it a go for this post.

I must say, i’m extremely impressed! Sometimes i find Rimmel a bit heavy for my skin but this actually felt pretty light, i was still aware it was there but at no point was it uncomfortable.  This stayed on really well and didn’t go patchy at all even on days i was wearing it all day. It does brighten the skin up so it’s good for tired mornings!

I’d definitely buy this again, and recommend it. It’s my favourite of all the rimmel foundations and i’m so glad i tried it.

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation (x) £14.50

This is my normal foundation and i still think it’s my favourite, although the rimmel is a very close second! It feels so light, almost non-existent but there is still a really good coverage.

No7 offer a match-made colour service so if you’re unsure of your shade they will match your skin tone with a colour, i always think it’s worth doing whenever i need more foundation as it only takes a few minutes and it’s free!

Collection Colour Match Foundation (x(£3.99) £2.99

I love Collection for their Lasting Perfection concealer and they do have a foundation to match, but i wanted to try something completely different.

On first impressions, the colour looks really dark but it does adapt to your skin tone over time. I wouldn’t do this in a rush as i found giving your foundation ten minutes to set before applying powder really helped it to adjust to your skin tone.

It’s okay, cheap & cheerful. I wouldn’t recommend it over some of the others i have tested but for everyday, work/gym/doctors appointments it will do the job!

Sleek Bare Skin Foundation (x) £4.99

The first time i tried this, i found this messy, patchy and sticky. From the moment i put it on i was unhappy with it but it just got worse throughout the day. I’d almost written it off but something prompted me to try it again. The second time i tried it, i loved it. I think the key is take your time with application and blending. It’s not one to do in a rush but if you take your time it’s worth it.

As far as i’m aware it’s not in the Sleek Collection in high street stores anymore  but i’d try their new foundations.

No7 Essentially Natural Foundation (x) £9.95

I think this foundation would be really good if you are maybe a younger teenager or new to make-up. There are brands out there that are specifically designed for younger girls but they tend to be cheaper and as i’ve discovered, i wouldn’t be confident the products are the best thing to put on a young persons face.

This foundation is really easy to blend and takes no time to put on which makes it perfect for before school. I think it’s the easiest to go on out of all i’ve tried. It is a medium coverage but looks really natural. It’s very gentle on the skin, it’s moisturising and lightweight.

I like to use this if i’m maybe going to the gym but have fake-tan on so i need to even out my skin tone. I’d definitely recommend this if it’s what your looking for in a  foundation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post. If you know of any great high street foundations that i haven’t mentioned then please let me know in the comments below.







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