August Favourites 2016

I actually found this post quite difficult because i’m still having a love affair with all my July favourites!  I’m back at university this month so hopefully i’ll be out and about more often and discovering new products. That being said, there is a few products i’ve really been loving this month and wanted to share with you!

To start with beauty, if you read a lot of my other posts then you’ll know a lover of Sleek and i’m a lover of natural eyes. When i saw this palette i just had to have it! The palette (A New Day 430) has 12 colours, a mixture of brown, orange and baige tones most of which have a shimmer to them. The actual shadow goes on really well, blends well and feels so soft and light. I thought this palette would be a perfect transitional palette as we head from summer to autumn. There’s so many different looks to be created, i’m obsessed with it!


The next beauty product i’ve been loving is from another one of my favourite make-up brands, Soap & Glory. It’s the Sexy Mother Pucker lipstick in the colour Naked Talent Satin. Firstly lets talk about the packaging, it’s rose gold which is enough to convince me to pick it up. I really love S&G lipsticks, they’re so creamy and light on your lips. The colour is strong and lasts really well. Soap & Glory have a nude, pink and red collection in their Sexy Mother Pucker range and i’m a complete sucker for the nude shades.

If you read my Everyday Make-Up Routine then you’ll know i was having a bit of an identity crisis when it came to powder. I picked up this Revlon PHOTOREADY Powder when i was on holiday and i love it! I got the translucent because i find it a task picking the right colour of powder and this just makes it so much easier! It sets my make-up quickly and it never sticks to it or makes it look caked. It’s even and it lasts all day which is all i really ask from a powder!

I’ve been loving the he-shi day to day gradual tan this month. It’s the first time i’ve used this brand after so many recommendations and it did not disappoint! I love fake tan, specifically the gradual tan because it’s much easier to maintain and looks a lot more natural. It was so even, it smells lovely, it lasts really well and just gives your a really nice bronze glow! I got it in the shade light (which was the only shade i could find) and i was super worried this would be too light as i’d normally pick up medium to dark but it gave me such a nice colour after only two uses! It’s a bit more expensive than the gradual tan i’d normally wear so i wouldn’t use it all the time but for a special occasion or holiday.

I was in Primark the other week and picked up this White Tea & Violet candle for only £1! The smell is beautiful and fresh- i burned the first one so quickly i had to go and buy another! The Primark candle range is so lovely and gives you a chance to buy as many different fragrances to try as they’re so cheap! Now i’m on full candle burning mode before the Zoella Lifestyle range comes out this week!

The last thing i’ve been loving in August is the solid fragrance from the original Zoella Beauty collection. I really love the original scent, i find it quite calming so when i am in situations where i know i might feel anxious i always carry it around with me just to rub a little bit on the back of my wrist if i need it. In August i travelled to New York which, anxiety wise, was a huge step for me but needless to say before and on the day i travelled i was a complete mess. I chose to take the solid fragrance over the body mist because it’s small, compact and wouldn’t smash. It worked like a charm, i’m not sure why the fragrance calms me so much, familiarity i think? This solid fragrance is perfect for travelling!

That’s what i’ve been loving this month- i really hope you’ve enjoyed. Let me know if you’ve been loving any of the above products or have some alternatives to share.

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  1. September 11, 2016 / 6:05 pm

    That Sleek palette looks gorgeous <3

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