My Everyday Make-Up Routine

Firstly, i’m so sorry for not posting this week- this post was all written and ready to go but it was the photographs that i couldn’t fit in as i’ve been traveling.

I have some really cool posts coming up about my travels to NYC and it’s not your stereotypical “what i did in NYC” posts to please make-sure to keep an eye out for them! Later this week

Today i want to talk about my everyday make-up routine. This is my go-to, reliable products that are staples in my make-up bag. This set up is perfect for work and casual days. I don’t go too bold day-to-day because i like to look a bit different when i’m going out or making an effort.

The primer i use every day is the Soap & Glory One Heck Of  A Blot Instant Perfecting Primer (x). As a primer i really like this, it’s relatively similar to the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer  although i definitely prefer this one, i think it lasts longer. It’s like a soft, muted primer, the consistency is really nice and it just smooths your skin, it doesn’t feel at all sticky or heavy.

My go-to foundation is the No.7 Stay Perfect foundation in the colour warm ivory (x). I’ve tried a lot of high-street foundations but i always go back to this one. It gives a really good coverage but it’s light and breathable on your face, it feels like you’re not wearing any foundation at all! It stays on all day, i’m not one to touch up my make-up so this is the perfect foundation for me. No.7 offer a service to match make your foundation shade with your skin, i always do this every time i need more because sometimes i go between two, right now this colour is absolutely perfect for me.

My concealer is always The Collection Lasting Perfection (x), it’s definitely the best one on the high street in terms of coverage and durability. I’ve mentioned this in my June Favourites  so if you’ve read that, you’ll know just much i love it. I use both shade 1 and 2 depending on where on my face i’m using it.

Powder is the thing i’m unsatisfied with at the moment in my make-up collection. I really struggle to find a good, lasting powder that’s a reasonable price. I like my powder to be transparent because i really just use it to set my foundation & concealer. The one i’m using right now is the MUA Skin Define Matte Perfect Loose Powder (x) but i’m really not feeling it, it’s a bit heavy and i feel like it pulls my make-up off. I’ve heard Revlon powders are good but if you any suggestions please let me know in the comments below or through my social media which is linked above to the left.

My eyebrows, by far, take up the most time in my routine. They are different heights, odd and one is significantly thinner than the other. My beauty therapist suggested tinting to try and build them back up so i’m going to try that but right now, getting my brows to a point where they look good is a task.

Firstly, i use the Benefit goof-proof pencil (x) which is amazing. The new benefit brow range is definitely worth investing in if natural eyebrows are your thing. I’ve never seen a pencil give the effect of brow hairs so easily!
Next i use the Anastasia Dip Brow (x) in the shade dark brown, i just use this to go over the pencil, this lasts for so long!
Then, back to Benefit for the Gimme Brow (x) which is kind of like a brow gel. Again this product is amazing for making your brows naturally look thicker than they are.
Lastly i use the Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph (x) , i only use the highlighter side of this pencil just to define my arch.

When it comes to eye-shadow, i normally go for something quite neutral. Right now i use the new Tanya Burr Soft Luxe Collection Birthday Suit Palette (x) for every day wear. It’s really pretty colours and it lasts all day. The colours tone in really well with the other products i use like blusher and lip colours and you can get pretty different looks from the four colours in the palette. I raved about this in my July Favourites so feel free to go give that a read.

Naturally, i have really long and dark eye-lashes so when it comes to mascara, i don’t need a lot from it. Right now i’m using the No.7 Velvet Lash in the colour brown/black (x). I don’t use a lot and it’s really just to complete my make-up that i use it. I never do false lashes because they look complicated and i don’t need them so my eyelashes are definitely the most low maintenance part of my make-up routine.


When it comes to blush, bronzing & highlighting i use one of two palettes, both by Tanya Burr. The first is the Peachy Glow palette (x) and the second in the Rosy Flush cheek palette (x). I find these really easy to contour with, the colour is pigmented but you can build on it- it’s not too strong is what i’m trying to say. This makes these ideal for creating different looks.

The three colours are designed to go together so i just pick which palette best suits the look i’m going for and i have everything i need right in front of me. I really love these palettes they last so well and the highlighters are particularly spectacular, the colours are to die for!

When it comes to a lip colour i like to use the Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue (x) to begin with just to make sure my lips are smooth and moisturised. Right now, like every other beauty enthusiast, i find myself reaching for the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream(x). I have four different shades depending on what look i’m going for. They’re long lasting, pigmented and they feel like lip balm so it’s really nice and easy to wear them. I never leave the house without Vaseline (x), just for top ups or if my lips are going dry- sometimes lathering on layers of the NXY lip cream can result in it going a bit patchy so i use Vaseline in-between times.

I finish off with the Avon Setting Spray (x), it’s the only one i’ve ever tried but i think it does the job pretty well!

That’s my every day make-up routine! I really love finding products that i can use everyday like this because i know they won’t let me down.

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