Summer Primark Haul!

The only thing i love more than Primark is a Primark Haul. I just think the shop is wonderful- so reasonably priced and there is some diamonds to be found! I went in recently and hit it first thing in the morning so it was so quiet and i got a right good look!

The first thing i bought was these Rose Gold converse-like low tops. I actually really like Primark shoes, i find them super comfy and the colour of these are beautiful! They were £8 so even if they only last me through the summer this is still a complete bargain!

Next i got a pyjama set for my holidays. The worst thing Primark have ever done is change their sizes in pyjama’s. They used to do an 8-10 but now it’s 6-8 or 10-12 which is so annoying! The set is pink with white polka dots with beautiful detail. The bow on the back of the top sold me, it’s so pretty! The white, lace trim is equally beautiful and the whole set is just girlie and pretty and i love it so much!


Whilst we’re on the subject of nightwear, I was looking for an oversized tee shirt for bed. I picked up this Harry Potter one which is black and says “i solemnly swear that i am up to no good” in gold writing. I really love all the Harry Potter range at primark and normally always pick up the pyjamas but i’d never seen these before. They’re so comfortable for lounging around the house (and sleeping too) and they’re long in all the right places to cover your modesty. I just really like this, i wasn’t too keen on any of the other designs so i only picked this one up but i’d definitely buy more these!


IMG_1605The next t-shirt i saw on the website, so i was looking for it when i went into store. I really love these embroidered, slogan t-shirts. I got one a few months ago from primark which i featured in my “May Favourites“post and back then they had loads of different designs, then they sold out and i could never find them so i snapped this up as soon as i saw it. It says ‘not yours’ on the heart which is cute, a lil’ bit sassy. The t-shirt is black and white stripes (i originally thought it was navy and white which i would’ve preferred but i still love it) I’m sure this was £6 which is a bargain because it’s such good qualiy!



I am a complete lover of Primark bodysuits, i picked a plain black one a few months back and fell in love with it. They’re such great quality, comfortable and flattering so i picked two up. The first one was a kaki one which is just really basic with spaghetti straps but i really liked the colour for £4 i think i’ll wear this all year round! The second body i picked up is a little more on the pricey side for primark. That being said, it was still only £8. I was looking for this exact thing for my travelling outfit it’s plain with a little detail- again you could wear this all year round.

Next is just a plain black cropped t-shirt it was £3.50- not very exciting but it’s practical for wearing with high waisted jeans and shorts.IMG_1600




I got this off-shoulder printed top which was £8. It’s floaty and light so it’s still quite summery but the colours are definitely more autumnal so it’s a really good in-between top. Considering, as well, the UK never knows what’s up with the weather so i think i’ll get a lot of wear out of this!


The next thing is also a New York buy (i am planning on doing a look book for my trip- time providing). it’s this cute little white bralet which has a really sweet lace pattern detail. I thought this would be ideal under dungaree’s as i’m expecting it to be super warm. It was £6 and i thought it was just a really cute holiday buy!


IMG_1602I really like bandana’s i think they’re so cute! I’m going to New York in a few weeks and i’ll probably want to put my hair up because it will be warm but i always think i resemble an egg when i put my hair up…
I thought i’d try this and i really, really love it! I picked this one up in black and white for £1.50.


I then picked up the super un-glamrous cotton buds and face masks, i just think they’re so cheap compared to other retailers and the quality is really good!


So that was my Primark Haul for the summer. I normally try and do them every two months or so but when I’m at University, i’m in the store frequently so my purchases are a bit more staggered!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, Primark enthusiasts please hit me up! If you’ve found any good finds in Primark lately please let me know in the comments below! I noticed Primark are starting to open stores in the USA which is exciting!

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