Why are we not taking Youtubers seriously?!

I was originally going to upload a July favourites post today but something happened over the weekend that made me want to write this now and postpone my favourites until Friday.

Tanya Burr tweeted me. Twice.  It was all very exciting.

But the reason in which she tweeted me (the first time), made me a little bit sad. Let me give you some background.

I was watching Sunday Brunch on channel 4, for those of you who are unaware, it’s basic weekend breakfast tv. Lots of different guests, they cook, chat, you get the idea. I knew Tanya Burr was going to be on it and she was making her chocolate orange cheesecake we were planning on making the chocolate orange cheesecake too, so I was so excited to watch it!

She came on and they automatically started firing questions at her like:

“Should boys wear make-up?”
“Do you think it’s okay for boys to wear make-up?”

Of course she replied boys are just as free to wear make-up if they want, it’s 2016 like why is this still an issue?! Then the two presenters and all the guests round the table started  challenging her. Vicky Pattison then has a go at her and generally they were just really trying to make a fool of her and kind of gang up on her. Then they were talking over her, talking about things that weren’t relevant to her while she was making the cheesecake, standing in front of her and it was really awkward and horrible to watch, i just wanted to jump into the screen and give her a hug.
Sometimes I worry I’m overly sensitive when it comes to my idols because well they’re my idols and of course i see them as amazing but my whole family said they thought it was really uncomfortable to watch because the presenters were being so rude.

I was upset and annoyed so I took to twitter to voice my opinion. Within 15 minutes my notifications we’re going a bit nuts for a Sunday morning so I checked and Tanya Burr herself, had tweeted me. While it made me incredibly happy she’d noticed me, it also made me really sad because she must have felt that what I said was true and it’s upsetting because she’d done nothing wrong and they did that to her.


Then Zoella uploaded a Q&A video where she talked about her worst interview experience and it was horrible! Do you really think a reporter would ask the likes of Beyoncé or Victoria Beckham when they lost their virginity? Or pressured them to allow them to look into their wardrobe?

While i was so annoyed, I wasn’t completely shocked. I do find that Youtubers aren’t really taken seriously but I don’t understand why.

Part of me thinks it’s an ignorance thing, particularly when it involves those ages 35+ like YouTube wasn’t invented until 2005, so it’s new and scary and we don’t like change. The idea that people can make YouTube videos full-time, and earn a living from it really unnerves people because it’s seen as a hobby and not as real job. But why shouldn’t we be able to have our hobby be our full-time job? You can be a footballer, painter, dancer, athlete, singer, chef… these all stem from hobbies? They’re giving as much to the world as Youtubers do.

Blogging is more work than i thought it would be so i don’t even want to think about how much work running a YouTube channel would be particularly if you’re well-known and have management. If you watch YouTubers, they are always in meetings, working on other projects that all stemmed from their channel. Just because most of them don’t sit in an office from 9-5 every day, counting down to the weekend doesn’t make it any less of a job.

Not only that, these are real people using their platforms to talk about real things. Zoella talking about her anxiety and panic attacks really made a difference, Anna SacconeJoly talking about her miscarriage and eating disorder, Tanya Burr talking about anxiety, Louise Pentland talking about giving birth, raising a child and dating, The Lean Machines talking about the best, safest ways to get healthy… this is the kind of people we should want to focus on.




In a nation where we salivate over the likes of the Kardashians or those on reality tv shows like Gordie Shore, tell me why these people are a better influence on ourselves (or our children) than the likes of Youtubers? I know who i’d rather spend my time on.

Another argument is how is it interesting to follow someone around all day? *cough cough* what do you think reality tv is? TV shows and Films are the same concept except their fictionalised… it’s entertainment and escapism. YouTube has offered me an escapism that I’ve heard other people talking about but films, tv and books had never offered me. Perhaps that’s why I’m so protective of it?

Youtubers are making a difference and clearly I think it’s a wonderful idea, it’s reachable for younger boys/girls, the people I tend to watch don’t have crazy lifestyles, glorifying sex, booze and clubbing. At the same time they don’t shy away from it either, they’re very normal and it’s refreshing to watch.

People are entitled to their opinion and I respect that just as much as I hope you’ll respect mine. I just think what happened with Tanya Burr is the tip of the iceberg for a bigger problem –  everyone has the right to do what they love and be taken seriously. If everyone focused on celebrating other people’s achievements rather than trying to tear them down, the world would be a much nicer, more positive place.







  1. August 2, 2016 / 6:25 pm

    I respect your opinion because I truly believe it’s the right opinion!

    People have become so small minded and tend to follow what they have been told is right. People need to start branching out and realising that times change. The fact that youtubing can be classified as a job now is fully justifiable.

    Preach 😂

  2. August 15, 2016 / 4:49 pm

    Great post. I remember watching Louise Pentland on celebrity mastermind where she was asked how much she earned. Her response to that question was “well how much do you earn” but the question to begin with was so unnecessary and disrespectful! Chocolate orange cheesecake fixes everything 🙂

    • August 15, 2016 / 8:53 pm

      yes i totally agree, it’s so disrespectful! I’m glad you like the post

  3. November 20, 2016 / 10:16 am

    I agree with everything you’ve said, Anna’s video about eating dissorders really got to me and made me care more about my friends and family. She has helped loads of people with that video (like other youtubers have with theirs) yet they get so much hate! I just don’t get it. Reaaly good post, I enjoyed reading it. ❤❤❤

    • November 20, 2016 / 10:38 am

      Thank-you ☺️❤️