Small Changes That Will Clean Up Your Diet

They say you would never put petrol in a diesel car yet we’re all so quick to put things in our bodies that are the equivalent of the above. Why? BECAUSE IT’S DELICIOUS. I’m not saying you should eat lots of kale and never eat pizza or chocolate again because i’d be a hypocrite.

Over the past year or so, i’ve really cleaned up my diet. I always used to go the gym but was never seeing real results because my diet wasn’t that great. Truth is, you can’t out exercise a bad diet! It’s not that i was eating terribly, i wasn’t eating McDonalds three times a week or take-aways or lots of crisps and sugar… I just was just making- unknowingly- poor choices when there were better choices available.

This is just some tips that i’ve picked up on and want to share them with you, if you didn’t already know.

Focus on your 5-a-day 

We’re supposed to eat 5 fruits & veg a day, 1 of your 5-a-day is an 80g portion or 150ml  if you’re drinking fruit juice. Weigh out your portions and put real focus onto getting the daily required amount. I found weighing my portions out really helpful because i was putting more time and conscious effort into making sure i was eating enough. If you’re eating your 5-a-day then you’ll subconsciously find yourself putting more focus on eating fruits and veg than other things.

Now, i rarely have a meal without at least one portion and i often find myself swapping carbs for fruit or veg. I stay away from things that don’t offer me nutritional value, like cheesy pasta’s or chips because they don’t contribute to my 5-a-day and i don’t even realise i’m making these choices now because i’m not thinking negatively, i’m thinking positively. If it doesn’t offer me nutritional value, why would i want to eat it?


You should be drinking at least 2 litres of water every single day. I’ve struggled to drink enough since i was really young, i just find it boring.

I found buying water bottles helpful because it was much easier to keep track of how much i was drinking. You have to drink 4, 500ml of water to get your daily required amount (just make sure to wash your bottle out every night and change it every few days or it will get disgusting- particularly if you’re sweating or wearing lipstick)

I struggle to drink just tap water so i tend to mix it with diluting juice (make sure it’s no added sugar ) but you could add fruit also.

You’ll feel more awake, your skin will be clearer and you’ll generally be healthier!

Don’t drink your calories

Energy drinks, fruit juices, processed fruit smoothies, full sugar fizzy juice, full sugar still juice. These are the enemy.

These are filled with sugar and calories and most of the time people forget they’re consuming calories.

If you stick to hitting your water goals then by the time you’ve hit your targets, you probably won’t need much more fluids but if you do, go for the calorie & sugar free option. If you’re guilty of drinking your calories, this is the easiest change to make if you want to lose weight.

Switch to brown carbs 

Pasta’s, rice, potatoes, bread – all of these make up the base of a lot of meals. All of these have a healthier alternative, the wholegrain version (or sweet if we’re talking about potatoes). They taste virtually the same but your body breaks them down easier.

Don’t deny yourself a treat 

Somedays you eat salads and go to the gym, others you eat pizza and lie in bed all day. That’s okay. Life’s about balance. If you’re craving something, don’t deny yourself because chances are the craving will overcome you and you’ll overindulge in it anyway.

Top tip: if you crave chocolate a lot, try dark chocolate. The taste isn’t as good as milk or white but i do find it satisfies your craving.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day 

I never eat toast or cereal for breakfast, i always describe them as empty calories because they don’t fill you up (they actually make me more hungry). If you have two slices of toast on butter, there’s around 300 calories and chances are you’ll be hungry in an hour!

Eggs, beans, avocado, tomato, fruit, yoghurt, vegetarian sausages are much more nutritional choices and they will you up for longer.

Frozen fruit & veg  

Fresh goes off quite quickly so if you don’t eat a lot or there is only one or two of you then you might find yourself throwing a lot out.

There is a misconception that frozen fruit/veg is processed and not as healthy is fresh. Wrong.

When it’s frozen, the nutritional value is locked in so it’s actually just as healthy, if not more, than fresh. It’s also more cost effective & convenient.

Cooking oils are not calorie free! 

I try and cook with coconut oil because although it’s fatty, it’s a good fat. If you have a lot of fat in your diet then try a low calorie cooking spray rather than cooking with oil… you don’t even want to know how many calories you’re consuming when you put use a tablespoon of oil when cooking!



Pick the two foods that you love but are bad for you and put them in your one-a-day category. Mines are chocolate & cheese. So i only allow myself these things once a day (that’s one portion by the guide on the packaging)- if i eat them at all.

You’ll start to try other alternatives and soon you’ll forget why you love them so much . That was a blatant lie but willpower is your friend.

So these are just a few things i’ve picked up. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit so please try some of these for 21 days, see how you get on! Hopefully it will help you a bit just like it did me.

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