Zoella WHSmith Book Club 2016: Part 1

Zoella WHSmith Book Club 2016: Part 1


I’m not sure what it is about summer, but i love nothing more than devouring books. Maybe because through the year when i’m studying i don’t have the time and it’s rare i enjoy the books i have to read. All year i put together a wish-list on Amazon of all the books i want to read as soon as university is over.

When i saw Zoella was doing a Book Club for WH Smith i was BESIDE myself. When her 8 books were released (i had read half of them already) i went straight online and ordered them.

FaNGIRL – Rainbow Rowell

This story follows Cath and her twin sister, Wren, who go to college together but are separated for the first time. Wren begins to adapt to college life and make friends quickly whereas Cath just want to sit in her room and write fanfiction- which she and her sister have done all through high school.

Rainbow Rowell writes beautiful, real characters. I think a lot of girls who associate the term “fangirl” with themselves will relate to Cath. I saw myself both in Cath and Wren and i think that’s one of the reasons her characters so three-dimensional, their flaws are so real and at no point are over dramatised. The relationship the characters have with each other are so genuine, they don’t come across as intense or romanticised, i find it quite reachable as a reader.

The journey the reader takes with Cath is very slow but i think that’s what makes it so genuine. It’s not a love story, centring around making up & breaking up, it’s more about personal discovery and it’s very gradual, but very beautiful.

I personally don’t like the fanfiction. Throughout the book there are pages of the fanfiction Cath is writing. Most of the time i skipped by these, i don’t feel the reader has to be involved in the world to understand the escapism Cath gains from the world. It’s an alien world (i think it’s supposed to mimic Harry Potter) to the reader. Essentially the comfort in fanfiction is the reader is familiar with the world and the characters they’re reading about, as it’s alien to the reader i don’t feel it adds anything to the story.


We Were Liars- E. Lockhart 

This was one i struggled with, i’ll always finish a book even if i hate it from the second page, but i tempted putting this down many times.

When i heard it was about the young, beautiful and privileged i automatically thought “Gossip Girl” and couldn’t buy it fast enough. It doesn’t focus as much on the glamour of privilege but more on the downsides of having money and how it influences their lives which is interesting.

There is dribs and drabs of romance & friendship but it’s very family orientated, particularly family politics. As a basic synopsis, Cady has went to a lake with her family every summer, she’s aware there was an accident but none of her family will tell her what happened and none of her friends will answer her emails/letters.

The book is well written although i struggled to find an emotional attachment to it, which is why i think i struggled to enjoy it.

I really liked the plot twist, i absolutely didn’t see it coming so much so i’d say it’s worth reading for that alone.

I think now knowing what happened, i’d benefit from re-reading this… perhaps i’d take more from it!

Part 2 will be posted in the next 7 days… whenever i get a chance to write it so watch this space!





    • July 26, 2016 / 2:13 pm

      thanks so much! I just posted part 2 of this so please check it out!

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