Forever 21 Online Summer Haul!

Since the Glasgow store closed, i’ve not really found myself on Forever 21 for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you have to spend £50 for free delivery also, they’ve stopped doing student discount with UniDays and lastly, they charge you to return items.

I find with Forever 21, you really have to see the items in person to know what you’re getting. The fact they charge you to return stuff really puts me off (It’s only £2.50 but i’m cheap… sue me)

One good thing about online shopping at Forever 21 is the description tells you the size the size the model is wearing. Some things run really small, others run really big but if you know what size the model is wearing i think it gives you a better idea!

The first thing i got was these High Tops (x) in the colour, black. These were the only sale item i picked up but i would’ve happily picked them up for full price. I normally find Forever 21 shoes are really comfortable once you’ve broken them in. As they were £6, i don’t really mind if they only last me a month or so. If you’re ordering on Forever 21 shoes, remember all sizes are american so for example i wear a UK size 6 but on Forever 21 that’s a size 8! These shoes now aren’t available in the black but they have red and navy, which are both gorgeous colours.

I was looking for a cute crop top to go with a pair of white shorts i picked up in the Zara sale. I’m going to New York next month so i wanted something super cute and stylish. I found this little gem (x) for £13 and fell in love. I absolutely wasn’t disappointed when it arrived.

It’s stretchy so it would be flattering on anyone! You can’t wear a bra with it, but i don’t feel like you need to- think of a big bandage round your chest and that’s how it feels… i don’t feel like i’m selling this here. The colours are really cute and i think i’ll get so much wear out of this!

I don’t feel like i need to say much about this (x) , it’s socks with pugs in party hats i mean how could i not buy that?! At £1.50 it may be my favourite purchase, aside from the above crop top.

Next thing i seen was this cute little crop tee (x) in the light pink/cream. I have something really similar from Asos in grey and i wear it all the time so this was only £5 so i ordered it. Firstly, it’s not light pink it’s very much apricot/peach. Secondly, it’s see through. Had i seen this in the shop i would’ve never bought it, it’s just a bit flimsy so this will be getting sent back.

I’ve wanted an off-the-shoulder top for ages but always been a  bit apprehensive that they wouldn’t suit me. I seen one (x) when i was browsing- and wanted to take my total up to £50 for free delivery- and thought i would order it. I’m really impressed, it’s a good shape and hangs really well. For £13, i think this would go really well with jeans or shorts and you can dress it up or down.

Last thing i bought was this contemporary floral playsuit (x) which was £19. I really loved this on the website but it didn’t look very supportive at the chest. I ordered it nonetheless and unfortunately i was right. On the hanger the colours are absolutely beautiful but on, i felt it kind of washed me out. I’m absolutely not used to wearing these kinds of colours and i just wasn’t feeling it. It’s quite loose at the top as well and you couldn’t wear a bra so it’s not very practical if you’re top heavy!

Overall i’m happy with my purchases! I wanted to buy more things but i find it so difficult to get a size small in forever 21, particularly in the contemporary section which is made bigger than the standard forever 21 so i can’t even size up. Hopefully if things come back into stock i’ll place another order!

While i was shopping i also used my cash-back websites that i talked about in ‘Make The Most of Online Shopping‘ so i made just under £4 in cash-back and free delivery as i spent over £50.



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