Make The Most Out Of Online Shopping

If you haven’t gathered already, i love to shop. Clothes, make-up, shoes, accessories, the lot. I also love a bargain, i love getting the most out of my money and saving at every possible opportunity.

As life has gone online, so has shopping. I shop 80% online, i spend a lot of time in shops when i’m at university but when it comes to buying i prefer online. I just feel it’s so much better value for money than going into store and making a purchase.

So here are my top tips for online shopping, i hope you learn something and the more savvy you shop, the more you can buy!


For the first 2 years that “online cashback” was a thing, I ignored it. I was skeptical, thought it was a bit of a con but in the past year (I started using it in November) I’ve made the best part of £100 on Quidco. Retailers pay a commission to cash-back sites if the shopper clicks on the retailer through the cash-back site. The shopper (i.e- you) get money through the cash-back site. I don’t buy ANYTHING online now without checking for cash-back because it does work. I took out a new phone contract and got £50 cash-back  for it. It’s not instant, it tracks in a few hours then the money is paid within a few months but it’s so worth it.

I use Quidco because it was the first site i came across, you can use lots of cash-back sites.

 Shop Around

If I walk into say, New Look, and find something I want chances are I’ll just pick it up. Often I’ve found retailers like Asos sell some things cheaper than New Look for the exact same thing. For example, did you know Sports Direct sell Lipsy London on their website? Once I’ve seen something I really like online, I search the name, colour and size into Google- just to see if anywhere else sell it. Then you can access delivery, promotions and cash-back rates- as well as prices, to find the best deal.

 Hot Deals

There are websites dedicated to finding good deals and posting them so other people can benefit. HotDealsUK is the one I use, the email me everyday with the hottest offers but i also have the app so I can look through the offers. Thanks to the website I’ve got a £80 Topshop jacket for £8!! Not every deal will be for you, but it’s worth being in the loop so you can take full advantage when you see a deal you’re interested in.

Voucher Codes

If you’re a student, student discount should be your first port of call when online shopping, it’s like your reward for choosing to study further. If you’re not a student, all is not lost. It never hurts to search online and see if there are any discount codes from the retailer you’re buying from- 75% of the time this will be unsuccessful but it’s ALWAYS worth a look!

 Sign up to newsletters 

Yes, it’s annoying to wake up to 30 emails every morning from the same retailers BUT you’re the first to know about sales, promotions, discounts and frequently retailers send you birthday treats on your special day.

Look for patterns when it comes to retailers

What i mean by this is, if you watch specific retailers for long enough you’ll understand promotional patterns which allows you to pick the best time to shop with them. Most retailers that are specifically tailored to young people & students (i.e.- Asos, Topshop, New Look, Forever 21, Feel Unique ) have more promotions around payday or around the last 10 days of the month. Most people by the last week of the month don’t have the funds to splurge so the promotions come around this time.

Check delivery 

I hate paying for delivery! It’s such a waste of money and i know I’m not the only person! There are a few ways to get around this. Check the delivery and returns policies on the website of the retailer you’re going to shop for. Most places now do free click & collect so if you live near the shops then would be your best option.

If you live miles away from the store, most websites give free delivery if you spend a specific amount of money. Say it’s £50, you could always spend £50 then return the stuff you don’t want to you’re not paying for delivery. Keep in mind re-stocking charges, return fee’s etc, some retailers do charge you to return something so make sure you check out their return policies before hand.