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Last Friday morning, as i was in the car to work (i wasn’t driving) i was furiously on feelunique.com purchasing the new Zoella Beauty “Sweet Inspirations” range. I am an avid enthusiast of Zoella Beauty and fter watching the Sacconejoly’s and Tanya Burr opening the range i was inwardly squealing with excitement. After the quickest EVER delivery from FeelUnique, it arrived on Tuesday and i hopped straight in the bath!

I got everything in the range except the Candy Clutch Beauty Bag and the Body Fondant. I didn’t get the Candy Clutch because i’ve just recently bought a new make-up bag Zoella Beauty so i really didn’t need one and since it’s my birthday next month and people are looking for idea’s to buy me presents- so i had to show some restraint. I didn’t get the Body Fondant because it wasn’t showing on the feel unique website and it had sold out on Superdrug- hopefully i’ll be able to pick it up in store next week. 

I’m not going to go into detail about the actual products as much, i’d rather tell you what i thought of them. Zoe posted a video three weeks ago on MoreZoella chatting through the products and i’ll link that here

I feel like everyone is raving about the packaging so i don’t particularly want to bang on about it, but the packing IS pretty spectacular.

Sweet Inspirations Body Mist  

When i first heard Zoe was doing a sweet fragrance i was super worried because i don’t like sweet fragrances. They take my back to my 2007 Britney Spears Fantasy fragrance days and i feel like i’ve been there, done that. I was comforted when, in her video, Zoe said she wasn’t normally keen on sweet fragrances either but over the weekend i was so worried i wasn’t going to like it.

I do like it, it is sweet but there is subtle undertones that make it not to sickeningly sweet. The fragrance lasts longer than any of the other two body mists- i wore it to a 60 minute cycle fit and could still smell it afterwards. It’s nice for the summer, it would be a really good holiday fragrance- it’s one of those smells that would take you back to your holiday once you’re home.

I definitely found the fragrance grew on me over a few days. Now, i’ve worn it every single day since i bought it and i’m obsessed. If you like sweet fragrances then you’ll probably love it off the bat but if you’re not too keen, keep going back to it and hopefully it will grow on you too!



Life Is Sweet Beauty Bag

This is so glamorous, it reminds me of something you’d find in Ted Baker. I’ve not even opened this yet because i’m planning on taking it to New York in August and if i open it now, the temptation to use it will be too much. 


I think it will be really good for holding ticket stubs, receipts and other paper souvenirs that would no doubt get lost in my bag. It’s super compact, light and slim plus the design is absolutely beautiful. 

I have a few of Zoe’s make-up bags and i find them all such good quality and really durable, i’m sure this one will be no different! 

Bath Latte

IMG_1099By far, the most excited i’ve ever been for a bubble bath/ shower cream. The bottle, oh my god, i’m already thinking about how i can use this bottle once there is nothing in it (i did say i wasn’t going to go on and on about the packaging didn’t i?)

This is so thick and creamy i genuinely love it so, so much. It’s like, if you can imagine bathing in condensed milk (i get not everyone likes condensed milk but the consistency of it is pretty special). It’s really bubbly and lathers really well depending if you want to use it for a shower cream or a bubble bath (or both!). It smells amazing and is really fragrant so you can smell it throughout the bathroom. I will buy this over, and over, and over, and over again. My FAVOURITE product in the whole range.


I can’t even describe just how good it is, just go buy it and thank me later!





Le Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer


These are a signature product in all of the beauty ranges. . I think they make such a lovely gift for someone. They smell really sweet and it’s oddly satisfying to watch them fizz away in the bath. 



I personally don’t really use bath bombs, i like them as gifts but i don’t buy them because i don’t lie in the bath long enough to justify it. I’d definitely repurchase if i wanted to treat myself or there was like a 3 for 2 offer on.





Sugar Dip Scented Bath Salt Granules


This was a product i was so excited about. It’s completely new, no other ranges have featured bath salts before and i felt it was what Zoella Beauty needed.


It comes in this awesome pyramid box with a little bag inside. You can either keep the salts in the bag or you could empty them out into the box (think like the tubes of sweets you get at Christmas and they have little packs of sweets in them).

As far as baths go, i think bath salts just take your bath to the next level. They smell amazing and keep your skin super soft.

Pair these with the bath latte and you’re in for a treat!





Double Creme Body Lotion 

For £5, this is really luxurious and creamy body lotion. I found it hydrates your skin really well- which i love right now as Scotland is in the middle of a heatwave (well to us, it’s a heat wave). It’s a really similar consistency to the Creamy, madly, dreamy which is great because i love that one too. The fragrance isn’t too over powering which again, i really like. 

You don’t need a lot- please bare this in mind otherwise you’ll end up like Caspar the friendly ghost, rubbing it in for hours! It’s so nice to rub into your skin and it dries pretty quickly too so you can moisturise and then jump into your close without feeling all sticky! 

Overall i love this collection so much! The packing alone is enough to make me want to buy it just to display it in my bathroom. I think it’s perfect for summer and it compliments the other Zoella Beauty ranges without taking anything away from them.

I have noticed when i was writing this post, a lot of products are out of stock on feelunique,  no doubt they will get more stock in soon but you can also get the products at Superdrug . The products are due to be in shops on the 6th of June.

Let me know what you guys think if you have tried the Sweet Inspirations range or what you’re excited to try in the comments below!





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