May Favourites!

This is my first ever post and i wondered for WEEKS what i should write about to introduce this blog. As i’ve explained in my about me page, i’m going to write about fashion, beauty, health, lifestyle and everything else that’s important to me.

We’re just about to head into June,  i thought for my first post i’d do a May Favourites to introduce myself and then we can start the month fresh for June!

Health & Beauty 

Sleek MakeUP Eye & Cheek Palette – Dancing Till Dusk


I’ve always liked the look of Sleek MakeUP but never actually tried it until a few weeks ago. I bought this palette on a whim because i needed a new eyebrow eye shadow and the brown in this caught my eye.
At first glance, the colours (particularly the blushers) are quite strong and daunting but they actually goes on so well and blend really easily. My tip is not to put a lot on your brush because they go on to the skin quite strong– this means they will last longer though so it’s a win, win.
The eye shadows have a mix of shimmery and matte and they blend pretty well. The copper colour (bottom left) is particularly nice on, it’s not too strong and i find it’s perfect for everyday.
The palette itself is slim, compact and light so it’s easy to slip in a make-up bag or for going on holiday this has so many uses and you can crete so many different looks. It also has a good mirror and comes with two little brushes.
I’ve used it every-day since i bought it and i’ll definitely be going back to get some more palettes from this range.
This currently retails in Superdrug for £9.99

The Wet Brush 


I had NO IDEA this was even a thing until the start of the month. I got it in my Look Fantastic beauty box this month and i love it so much!

“Effortlessly detangle wet and dry locks with the Wet Brush Neon. With a neon, rubber coated handle for grip, the super thin, flexible Intelliflex™ bristles detangle tough knots whilst massaging the scalp to stimulate circulation at the follicle.”- Look Fantastic

Naturally the first thing i did was run it through my (dry) hair and already i was impressed. It’s softer than a tangle-teezer but it effectively does the same thing. I tried it on wet hair later that night and i loved it even more. It’s so soft  if you sometimes find it painful to brush your hair when it’s full of tugs or mattes, then this is perfect for you. I don’t think i’ll ever use another brush or comb on wet hair.
It’s really gentle on your hair, so you don’t feel like you’re ripping knots out of hair when it gets tangled.
It’s suitable for all hair types so if you wear extensions etc you can use it on this.

I think now is the perfect time to get this if you’re going on holiday the sun/chlorine/sea can be harsh on your hair so this is perfect to brush your hair out when it’s wet and you’re doing no damage to your hair.

This retails on Look Fantastic for £11.99

Anastasia Beverly Hills- Dipbrow Pomade 


I’ve always been a pencil lover when it comes to my eyebrows and i used to swear by Rimmel London Professional Eye Brow Pencil but everyone was talking about this. Considering it’s premium beauty, i thought £15 was okay since everyone told me it would last me like a year.
Shades are also tricky considering i don’t believe you can purchase it in stores in the UK so you can’t actually see what it looks like but on the dipbrow product page there is a little guide. I found this guide particularly helpful because you can match it with your hair colour rather than just your eyebrows. I followed the guide and ordered “dark brown” and it’s the perfect colour for me.

I apply it with my real techniques brushes. It goes on really strong, so my tip is to put a little on your brush and then once you have your shape you can build on it as it’s not the easiest to get off if you make a mistake. It lasts ALL day and it doesn’t run at all.
I’ve been using this for two months and it still looks like i got it a week ago so i’m definitely impressed, i can 100% understand the hype.

This retails for £15 on Cult Beauty  – a company which i’ve never used before but it was quick, easy and was delivered within a few days so i’ll definitely be heading to their website more often!

Zoella Beauty- Wonder Hand 

IMG_1077 (1)


My last beauty favourite is the Wonder Hand, hand cream from Zoella Beauty. I love a good hand cream and this is definitely one of my favourite ever.

This is from the original collection of Zoella beauty which is my favourite smell so far. I find it really comforting and fresh and the fragrance in this is really strong. Also it’s sensitive on your skin so sometimes i find with strong fragranced hand creams, they can be harsh on your skin. I have sensitive skin so this is always a battle, but this is so gentle & soft on your skin it’s perfect!

It keeps your hands really soft for a long time and you don’t need a lot of it- i find this with all of the beauty line which is great because they last longer!

It comes in a super cute tube which again is the decor from her original line with the rose gold and the polkadots. When you actually buy the hand cream though, it comes in a box which i love because i think it just makes it feel a little bit more luxurious.

It retails for £5.50 at Superdrug  which is so reasonable for a 90ml tube.

*sidenote* Zoella’s new Sweet Inspirations range is released online today, i’ve placed an order so if it’s here in time- crosses fingers- next week’s post will be a product review so watch this space!


The Scrapbook of my Life – Alfie Deyes 


I have just finished my 3rd year of university so after months of reading lots of textbooks and heavy literature i wanted something more enjoyable to read.
I love Alfie Deyes (a.k.a Pointless Blog on Youtube) and he’s released a few books before this one but i never actually bought them. I just didn’t think they were really for me, but as soon as i heard he was releasing this i pre-ordered it so fast!

The book is written like a notebook which is so refreshing and i think it feels much more personal. It’s full of anecdotes and cute little stories about Alfie when he was younger and it has interactive pages which you can fill out if you choose to.

IMG_1074 (1)Alfie Deyes is so, so, so charismatic and this comes through in his writing- i’m doing a creative writing degree guys i need to talk about these things- it flows really well and his tone is so genuine it makes him even more loveable if that’s possible?

It’s a super easy read it only took me a night but i was so sad when it ended because it was just like a big comforting blanket being wrapped around you the whole time i was reading it.

This retails at £6.99 on Amazon but if you can’t wait for delivery it’s still retailing in all the big supermarkets- Asda, Tesco etc


“In Your Dreams” crop top- Primark 

I nipped into Primark last week for a few bits and bobs- i’m trying not to buy a lot from Primark because i want to do a haul soon but some things i just can’t resist.
I sometimes find Primark a hit or a miss when it comes to close, sometimes the quality isn’t great and the sizes are always a bit strange but lately i’ve been enjoying the clothes a lot more!

IMG_1075 (1)

I found this super cute crop tee which has “in your dreams” embroidered on it. It’s a round neck and it sits really well on your body- it’s not really, really cropped on me but i’m only 5″3. The material is super soft so it’s really comfortable and although you would need to wear a white/ nude bra with it, it’s not too thin either. I felt this would be a good staple for summer, you can wear it with jeans, shorts, skirts, dungaree’s, leggings, the list is endless.

It was only £5 so i’m going to go back in a few weeks and do my haul, hopefully there will be more styles of this. I was just too afraid if i didn’t pick it up then i wouldn’t be able to get it in a few weeks.



Breville Blend Active 


photo credit: Amazon

This has been something i’ve been looking at for a while. I make smoothies and juices almost every morning but with a normal blender- this is such a first world problem guys i apologise- i never know how much i’m making, it’s a nightmare to clean and i don’t have anything portable to drink it out of.

Problem = Solved

It’s so easy you just put your fruit in, screw on the blades and blend then un-screw the blades and put the lid on. You can take it on the go, you can even chop up the fruit the previous night, put it in the bottle and put it in the fridge if you have an early start.
It blends super quick- even ice- there is not lumps and the bottles stay fresh and don’t smell which is a big bonus.
In the box you get the blender, blades and two bottles with two lids. The box also comes with a little smoothie booklet with recipes and ideas but i find most smoothies taste good as long as it’s cold.


photo credit: curry’s

I bought this at Asda, but you can buy it on amazon for £19  the price in the supermarkets/Argos etc is £30 but it goes down to £20 on deals all the time so shop around! I feel like i’m getting old when i rave about things like this but i’m so pleased with it, it’s everything i wanted it to be.

Metal Letter Coat Hooks

I’ve just recently re-done my room and one of my favourite things are two coat hooks i got from Next.


I got a G & L and i just think they add a little personal touch to the room as well as being practical for hoodies and house coats etc.

They are £6 from Next they have been in-stores for a few months now so grab them quickly while you still can.



So that is all my favourites for this month and also my first blog post!

My plan is to upload posts every Friday- normally around this time if i’m organised.
Next week i want to do a product review of Zoella’s new Sweet Inspiration beauty line but that will depend if the products come on time (if it’s not next week it will be the following one.)

Please let me know if you enjoyed this post, i love reading/watching favourites videos so i felt it would be fitting for my first post!

I’m still getting a feel for this site so bare with me until i get the hang of it but yeah, thank-you so much for reading, please share, comment, subscribe etc! I’ve also linked all my social media at the bottom of my homepage so check them out too!

Much love!



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